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Title: 透過仕女讀書會建構團體動力之個案研究-以台北晶華酒店聯誼會為例
How the Lady’s Study Circle Constructs Group Dynamics : A Case Study of Regent Taipei Hotel
Authors: 王千睿
Wang, Chien-Jui
Wang, Tung-Fu
Keywords: 讀書會
study circle
group dynamics
life aesthetics
Regent Taipei
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 有鑑於近年世代的演進,讀書會逐漸興盛,無論是在學校、公家機關、企業乃至於各大咖啡廳業者,都可以看到讀書會的進行。由於本人有許多帶領讀書會的經驗,再加上從民國96年至今本人一直擔任晶華酒店仕女生活美學讀會的導師,同時見證了晶華酒店以其高品質的服務在業界屹立不搖,故選擇以此作為本次研究之主題,並藉由此研究來探討會員參與讀書會的動機與目的、讀書會的成功要素以及此讀書會對於酒店與會員雙方有何效益。本研究經過閱覽大量相關的論文、典籍等學術性資料,同時也搜索與讀書會相關的團體動力、生活美學等學術名詞之相關文獻,作為基礎,並且採用文獻回顧法、個案研究法作為本篇之研究方法,來得出最後的研究結果。 晶華酒店仕女生活美學讀書會的運作主要有人生哲學、電影賞析與討論、戶外參訪與美的事物,進行的方式主要是由一位老師帶領學員,在每週四下午透過各種詩詞、歌曲、書籍、文章、電影作品、歷史、節日、故事等具人文啟示的教材,來引導會員進入課堂,有時也會走到戶外去實地探詢具有特別意義的北部人文景點。透過這些靜態與動態的課程分享與引導,讓學員有所收穫,並且透過回饋單讓導師與晶華酒店更加了解會員的想法,有助於加強酒店與會員的連結。晶華酒店的優質服務與設施、經驗豐富的老師以及具有共同信念的基礎下,打造成功的生活美學讀書會。
Given the evolution of generations, study circle has gained popularity.No matter school, government agencies, enterprise, or coffeehouses. Use this topic as the research theme is due to I possesses experience as a study circle teacher for decades, and on top of that, I am the teacher of Regent Taipei Hotel lady’s study circle. At the same time, I saw Regent Taipei Hotel improve with time benefit by the best quality. This research explore goals and motivations of members participate study circle. Besides, The research’d find out the success factors and benefit to members with Regent Taipei Hotel of the study circle. Not only reading academic materials, thesis and book, but also search for study circle’s relevant information of constructs group and life aesthetics as basic. And use literature review method, case study method as the research method of this article to get the final research results. Lady’s Study Circle life aesthetics Group of Regent Taipei Hotel, the main things are life philosophy, movie appreciation and discussion, outdoor visits and beauty. Every Thursday afternoon, through poems, songs, books, articles, movie works, history, festivals, stories and other human-inspired teaching materials to guide members into the classes, and sometimes go outdoors to inquire about the special the northern humanities attractions, led by a teacher study circle, this is how the course is conducted. Through these static and dynamic course sharing and guidance, students will gain something, and through the feedback form, the instructor and Regent Taipei Hotel will better understand the members' ideas, which will help strengthen the connection between the hotel and the members. Based on the high-quality services and facilities, experienced teachers, and shared beliefs, Regent Hotel has created a successful life aesthetics reading club.
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