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Title: 藝術品牌力:藝術家個人品牌創建之脈絡—以獨立音樂家連珮如為例
Brand Power of Art: The Context of Artists Building Personal Branding - A Case Study of Independent Musician Pei-Ju Lien
Authors: 余湘
Yu, Xiang
Lien, Pei-Ju.
Keywords: 藝術行銷
Art Marketing
Music Brand
Independent Production
Cross-Boundary Cooperation
Performing Arts
Artistic Value
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract:   一個品牌的成功,可說是「品牌價值」創建的成果。關於眾所周知的精品品牌,甚或中小企業的品牌經營、行銷策略,在許多過往的研究中,皆能尋得其方針與精髓。若暫且擱置這些已然為人熟知的品牌策略;聚焦顯微於近年,活躍思維革新的「個人品牌」打造,卻發現多數的關點僅止於個人內涵品味、工作技能,乃至人際關係的提升等。似乎與精準的「個人品牌價值」創建,無直接系統,且針對其「商業價值」所衍生的實質研究。   Anron Keller (2017) 與其同著者,在《品牌物理學 (The Physics of Brand)》中曾提出:「建立品牌的過程是十分講究的,得在藝術與科學間取得完美平衡。」雖其所指之「藝術」乃為廣義之範疇,本研究將以「藝術家個人品牌」中的「獨立音樂家」為研究領域。從研究者個人多年深入的音樂產業,以及在藝術圈裡與其他領域藝術家的交流經驗,整理出藝術家個人品牌價值的增值過程與脈絡。了解獨立藝術家們異中見同、同中見異的經營策略。彙整出可依循的脈絡,以供未來有心著力於打造個人品牌的藝術家參考。雖「經驗不可複製」,然「見微知著」、「睹始知終」,豈非亦是品牌價值有機發展的決定性因素之一!
  The success of a brand is the result of creating brand value. In many past studies, we can find the principles and essences of brand creation in the brand management and marketing strategies of well-known brands or SMEs that everyone knows. Excluding the brand strategy that everyone knows, it is found that most "creating personal brand" is limited to the improvement of personal connotation, work skills, and even interpersonal relationships. There is no systematic and substantive research for building personal branding value.   In " The Physics of Brand: Understand the Forces Behind Brands That Matter ", Ant Killer (2017) once proposed that "the process of building a brand is very meticulous, and a perfect balance must be achieved between art and science." The "art" is broadly defined. In addition, this thesis focuses on "independent musicians" in the "artist's personal brand". Integrating the value-added process and content of the artist's personal brand value, from years of experience in the music industry and exchanges with artists in other fields. And the brand management strategies of these independent artists can be used by artists interested in creating their own brands.
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