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dc.contributorChang, Shao-Hsien_US
dc.contributor.authorWei, Jing-Shanen_US
dc.description.abstract為探究基督教會發展社區樂齡服務及樂齡學習需求,以供相關單位辦理參考,本研 究採用文獻探討丶次級資料分析及問卷調查法,分別就政府政策及具指標性基督教會所 推動之社區樂齡服務,分析其現況及效益,並以「新竹勝利堂」為研究對象,盤點資源, 使用「基督教會發展社區樂齡服務學習需求調查問卷」,做調查研究。問卷調查採立意 取樣,研究樣本 174 位。最後,將所得之資料進行描述性統計、獨立樣本 t 檢定、單因 子變異數分析等統計方法加以處理。 研究結果:(1) 高齡社會下,社區樂齡服務據點數量仍顯不足,政府鼓勵公益或宗 教團體協力合作。(2) 國內具指標性基督教會常是政府制定政策的合作夥伴,期盼藉由 社區樂齡服務,宣揚基督普世之愛 (3) 問卷分析得知,基督徒多將服務行動內化為信仰 生活中自然奉獻的行為。樂齡學習在各層面,以「調適需求」 最高,其餘為「超越需 求 」丶「表達需求」丶「科技學習需求」。(4) 基督教會內現有的年長者團契做適當組 織運作可成為發展社區樂齡服務之基石,以因應教會內外部需求。研究建議:(1) 因應 超高齡社會即將來臨,政府宜尋求團體合作普設據點;制定合適課程,提供長者規劃退 休生涯。 (2) 基督教會公益服務宜注重銀髪事工;善用資源,注重專業,在信仰和社服 中平衡發展。(3) 樂齡長者應積極看待退休終身學習;提高社會參與活躍老化,注重靈 性正向老化。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractTo explore the needs of seniors learning, the feasibility of the development of Senior Community Services (SCS) by Christian Churches, and subsequently provide such information as references for related organizations. This research adopted literature review, sec- ondary sources analysis, and questionnaire survey to study the government policies and SCS promoted by Christian Churches. The related programs, their effectiveness, and Hsinchu Vic- tory Church resources have been reviewed and a survey research has been conducted using “The Learning Needs in The Development of Christian Churches Senior Community Services” questionnaire. The questionnaire survey employed purposive sampling with 174 samples. The obtained data has been analyzed via statistical methods such as descriptive statistics, t-test, and One-way ANOVA. Research results are as follow: (1) Government Side: Under the Long-term Care LTC 2.0 Policy, the number of SCS sites are still insufficient, and the government is encour- aging more collaboration with charity and/or religious groups; (2) The domestic and iconic Christian Churches SCS have already partnered with the government and is playing a key role in the government policy making-process with the hope of spreading Christ’s universal love by serving the elders; (3) From the questionnaire analysis, it is clear that most Christians have already internalized the act of serving others as a natural part of their faith. In each level of Senior Learning,「Coping Needs」comes first, with the rest being「Transcendence Needs」, 「Expressive Needs」, and「Technology Learning Needs」; (4) With appropriate organizational operations, existing senior fellowships in Christian churches can actively develop SCS in re- sponse to the needs of an aging community.en_US
dc.subjectChristian Churchen_US
dc.subjectSenior Community Serviceen_US
dc.subjectElder Learning Needsen_US
dc.subjectActive Agingen_US
dc.titleResearch on the Development of Senior Community Services in the Christian Church --- Hsinchu Victory Church as an Exampleen_US
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