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Title: 樂活共好:臺師大EMBA之學習歷程
Sharing Good for LOHAS: A Learning Process of EMBA in NTNU
Authors: 陳美燕
Chen, Mei-Yen
Chang, Yung-Feng
Keywords: 健康
Action study
Participant observation
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 終身學習早已是現代人的習慣也是適應生活科技運用的必須,在職進修管道也因此而更加多元。就讀EMBA的目標,不只幫助業績成長或拓展組織規模,而是累積創新能量,讓自己和別人不一樣。本研究採行動研究,以研究者就讀之EMBA為研究場域,深入了解以EMBA課程方向與教師專業知能,帶領學生專業成長之歷程。本研究透過行動研究的螺旋性程序,包括課程、行動、觀察、評估、反思等歷程所進行研究,在行動研究的團體歷程中,參與者本身以及所屬的社群將能得到實務上的建議。資料收集包括課程參與、學習歷程觀察、訪談、活動影音記錄等資料。研究結果發現樂活產業高階經理人在職專班研究生在課程學習歷程的回顧,學生對於樂活產業脈動、臺灣健康市場的需求與發展趨勢、活躍老化觀念的紮根與推廣、平臺科技及人工智慧落實於企業管理與經營策略、研究方法與實踐研究精神等均有具體概念與學習成效;經此學習,個人與企業第二曲線的探索與驅動儼然成形,待將健康概念落實於企業內的員工福利、組織使命與願景,甚或由個人致力實踐,逐步影響家庭、社區鄰里、企業組織,乃至網路社群的推廣,將有助於國民健康能力的提升與體適能的強化,其影響不可小覷。讓樂活健康不單只是一門科學,更將是每個人的生活必需。本研究也依據結果提出實務應用與未來研究建議。
Lifelong learning has been a habit of modern people and a necessity to get along with the use of technology. Therefore, on-the-job training channels had become more diverse. The purpose of this study was to understand the effects of the EMBA courses and teachers' professional knowledge howto lead EMBA students' professional growth. This research is conducted through the spiral process of action study which included courses interviewing, observations, assessments, photos, etc. In the course of action study, participants and their communities will be able to get practical suggestions. Data collection included observations, interviews, researcher logs, and activity records. The results of the study found that the review of the learning process of the graduates of the in-service special class of LOHAS senior managers, the students' pulse of LOHAS industry, the demand and development trend of the Taiwan health market, the follow-up and promotion of active aging concepts, platform technology and artificial intelligence Implemented in corporate management and business strategy, research methods and practical research spirit, all have specific concepts and learning effectiveness; after this learning, the exploration and driving of the second curve of individuals and companies have taken shape, and the concept of health will be implemented to employees in the company Welfare, organizational mission and vision, or even personal efforts to gradually influence the promotion of families, community neighborhoods, business organizations, and even the online community, will contribute to the improvement of national health capabilities and the strengthening of physical fitness. Finally, the study also suggested practical applications and future research recommendations.
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