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Title: 罩?不罩?長照保險商品之探究
Care or not to Care: A Study of Long Term Insurance Product
Authors: 陳美燕
Chen, Mei-Yen
Lee, Shu-Yuen
Keywords: 高齡化
Social welfare
Document analysis
Strategic management
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究目的在以策略管理方面之文獻,提出機會辨識、資源取用與資產累積等三要素,探討構成長照保險商品之演變軌跡。依據理論發展上,本研究會先確認長照保險商品形式之多元化,而長照保險商品之辨識能力則是一種產業覺知的主觀開發與瞭解過程。本研究採用文件分析,探討不同類型長照保險商品之規劃,來分析解讀其商品開發的差異化跟與共通性。文件分析法為本研究之資料處理與分析方法,個案分析行為導向的研究方法,其主要研究目的通常是用在於歷史性的解釋為主,因此本研究透過收集資料與文件整理,再參考各類型長照保險商品演變發展的所有重要歷史事件,進而編成年表與敘事體;再從中描繪出所有個案發展至今之脈絡,俾利探討與分析個案至今的重大營運歷史事件,進而可以瞭解其因果關係。提供保險公司未來在商品研發時可以參考本次研究的結果進行商品設計與銷售策略時都將有助於長期照顧與年金保險市場之成長,並可協助降低公司負債風險,並提高保險人的利益與安全性,也可以促使被保險人擁有更完善的保障與信任。
The purpose of this study is to use the literature of strategic management to propose three elements: opportunity identification, resource access and asset accumulation to form the evolution trajectory of long-term insurance products. In terms of theoretical development, this study first confirms the diversification of long-term insurance products, and the ability to identify long term insurance products is a subjective development and understanding process of industrial awareness. This study uses document analysis to discuss the planning of different types of long-term insurance products, and to explain the differences and commonality of their product development. The document analysis method is the data processing and analysis method of this study, and the case-oriented research method. Its main research purpose is usually historical interpretation. Therefore, this study combines important historical events of various types of long-term insurance products by collecting data and documents. , And then compile a chronology and narrative body; from this depicting the development of the case so far, Poli discusses and analyzes the major historical events of the case operation, and understands its causality. The insurance company's product design and tying strategy based on the results of this research will help long-term care and the growth of the annuity insurance market, and can help reduce the company's debt risk and improve the interests and protection of the insurer.
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