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dc.contributor.authorHsu, Ting-Yuehen_US
dc.description.abstractThe researcher frequently returned to her hometown to talk to her parents about the joy of being involved in community life. This inspired the researcher to keep written records of the community in which her parents lived and the promotion process. Through document analysis and qualitative interview methods, an insight was gained into the origin and current situation of the community development association, as well as the key to the successful policy promotion. The findings should serve as a reference for other community development associations when promoting local welfare communities. Additionally, individuals aspiring to serve at the community development association or promote community development will lead the community development association towards a better future. Research findings show that the Te Hsieh and Te Cheng Community Councils founded in 1985 are the predecessors of the “Te Hsieh Community Development Association”. The community council was later changed to the current development association in conjunction with the government policy in 1992.The difference between the association and other communities lies in the chairman’s giving no thought to personal gain or loss throughout her long-term leadership, as well as the time, money, and materials put in by the cadres, volunteers, and members without giving any consideration to their personal gain or loss. The unnecessary and overelaborate formalities of the government’s organizational rule are deliberately not strictly observed. This is to ensure the devoted participants’ passion will not be extinguished by the government’s complicated regulations. This study suggests that the government should put itself in others’ shoes to understand the residents’ localized mindset when promoting the long-term care 2.0 policy. This will in turn soften the policy content and increase the residents’ degree of acceptance, thereby enhancing policy promotion efficiency and effectiveness.en_US
dc.subjectLocal Agingen_US
dc.subjectCommunity Careen_US
dc.subjectAge-Old School for Silver-haired Peopleen_US
dc.subjectTaxi Busen_US
dc.subjectFitness Instructor for Silver-haired Peopleen_US
dc.titleRejoicing in Relationships and Living a Life of Guardianship - A Symbiotic Story of Te-Hsieh Community in Pingtungen_US
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