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Title: 臺灣成年人攝食水果習慣之研究
The Study of Eating Fruit Habits for the Adults in Taiwan
Authors: 陳美燕
Chen, Mei-Yen
Yang, Wei-Fang
Chen, Shu-Min
Keywords: 膳食纖維
dietary fiber
fresh and dried fruits
subjective cognitive
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究目的為瞭解臺灣成年民眾攝食水果的現況與對於足份水果攝取的認知,並呈現成年民眾在不同職業別、性別、教育程度等人口統計變項的水果營養認知及攝食水果達成度的現況。另外,本研究探究民眾無法攝食足份水果的障礙因素,以及分析成年人水果攝取的習慣與健康狀況的相關性。本研究以線上問卷的方式收集資料,資料處理與分析方法包括描述性統計與交叉表。研究工具修改來自國民健康署「國民營養健康狀況變遷問卷」,本研究共回收有640份臺灣成年民眾的有效問卷。研究發現,大多數已成年國人每日攝食足份水果的比例偏低,女性攝取的達成度明顯優於男性;年齡愈大者達成度也愈好;家管、無業者達成比例最高,藍領族群達成比例為各族群中最低;教育程度高、健康自覺愈好者、水果營養認知愈好者達成比例也相對較高;社會支持度正面影響水果攝取的達成度。台灣已成年民眾攝食水果的最主要障礙因素為生活太忙、懶得購買、嫌剝削皮麻煩。本研究也依據研究結果提出實務應用和未來研究建議。
The purpose of this study is to understand the current status of adult fruit consumption in Taiwan and the perception of adequate fruit intake, and to present the adult population’s fruit nutrition cognition and fruit consumption achievements in different occupations, genders, education levels and other demographic variables. In addition, this study explores the barriers to people’s inability to eat enough fruit, and analyzes the correlation between adult fruit intake habits and health status. This study collected data in the form of online questionnaires. Data analysis included descriptive statistics and cross tables. The questionnaire was modified from the National Nutrition and Health Status Questionnaire of the National Health Agency. The study found that the women’s intake is significantly better than men’s; the older the age, the better the achievement; the highest rate is achieved by the unemployed, and the blue-collar group achieves The main obstacles for Taiwan’s grown-ups to eat fruits are too busy life, too lazy to buy, and troublesome peeling. Finally, the study also suggested practical applications and future research recommdations based on the results.
Other Identifiers: G0007344116
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