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Title: 公立運動中心ROT營運規劃之研究
The Study of ROT Management Planning for the Public Sports Center
Authors: 陳美燕
Chen, Mei-Yen
Yang, Wei-Fang
Tu, Cheng-Chung
Keywords: 公共建設
Public construction
Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects
Focus group
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 臺北市12座的運動中心每年高達有1,100萬至1,300萬人次蒞臨,也因為使用率高,建築物主體與設施及設備逐年老舊,達一定使用年限後必須重新檢視甚至整修翻新,部分設施設備也必須更新以確保使用安全。考量政府公務預算有限、引進專業經營服務及兼顧公益營利平衡,臺北市政府體育局將原先的OT(營運-移轉),改ROT(增建、改建及修建-營運-移轉),委託民間業者出資重新整修營運,並提供專業服務。本研究之目的在瞭解臺北市運動中心經多年使用後,第二次委外後投入巨額資金後,其營運現況及規劃所面臨之問題進行研究。本研究採用文獻分析法瞭解依「促進民間參與公共建設法」第42條及促參法施行細則第39條對ROT之規定,並探究可行性評估及先期規劃作業的流程,再透過焦點團體訪談法分析ROT後對運動中心之經營成效之差異。本研究結果可提供政府機關審視運動中心之營運狀況,後續研究者更可參酌本研究之營運規劃之問題加以衍生或修改,將其運用於其他縣市之市民運動中心,做為相關單位規劃場館之依據或委託民營的參考。
Each year, more than 11 million to 13 million people come to visit Taipei sports centers. Because of the high usage rate, the facilities and equipment are getting old every year. After a certain period of time, they must be re-examined or even renovated to ensure safe use. Taking into account the government budget, the introduction of professional business services, and the balance of public welfare, the city government will change the original OT (operation-transfer) to ROT (additional, reconstruction, and construction-operation-transfer), and entrust private manufacturers to invest in refurbishment. The purpose of this study reviewed the literature analysis method to understand the provisions of the ROT in accordance with Actfor Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects and explores the process of feasibility assessment and preliminary planning operations, and analyzes it by the focus discussion It affects the operational effectiveness of ROTr. The results of this study can provide government agencies with a view on the operation of sports centers. Subsequent studies can be modified according to the indicators of this study, and they can be used in other sports centers in other counties and cities as a basis for planning venues for related units or entrusting private enterprises.
Other Identifiers: G0007344115
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