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Title: 探討番紅花與健康之關聯性:系統性文獻回顧
The association between saffron and health: a systematic literature review
Authors: 廖邕
Liao, Yung
Huang, Tzu-Yun
Keywords: 番紅花
Crocus sativus L.
interventional study
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 番紅花是全世界最貴的香料之一,具有許多有助於增進健康的用途,然而,一般大眾對於番紅花之功效卻沒有明確的認知。 據此,本研究之目的為透過系統性文獻回顧,瞭解番紅花介入對於生理層面、心理層面及對於健康行為的效果。本文針對「PubMed」、「華藝線上資料庫」及我國「全國博碩士論文網」中,搜尋2009至2019年間,以中、英文發表的番紅花與健康相關之文獻,經系統性地篩選後,一共納入58篇符合標準之文獻。研究結果發現: (1)就「生理層面」而言,番紅花介入對於黃斑部病變(n=5)、代謝症候群(n=3)、二型糖尿病(n=3)、認知功能(n=3)、肺活量(n=2)與勃起功能(n=2)具有正向效果。 (2)「心理層面」部分,番紅花介入對於憂鬱症狀 (n=8)、焦慮症(n=5)與認知功能(n=3)具有正向效果。 (3)而在「健康行為」部分,本文獻回顧指出,番紅花介入有助於睡眠(n=1)及降低食慾 (n=1)。   整體而言,番紅花介入對於生理、心理及健康行為皆有正向的效益。建議未來能透過不同管道,讓大眾對於番紅花能有正確認識,並透過本土的研究證據,進一步驗證番紅花對於國人健康的效益。
Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world, which has been widely used to enhance health in several ways. However, there is a lack of correct knowledge on saffron for the publics. Therefore, this study aimed to systematically review the literature investigating the effects of saffron intervention on physical health, mental health and health behavior. This study reviewed the articles written in English or Mandarin published from PubMed, Airiti Library and National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertation in Taiwan between 2009 and 2019. A total of 62 articles met the criteria and were included in this study. The results showed that: (1) saffron could have a positive effect on the physiological level illness, such as macular degeneration(n = 5), metabolic syndrome (n = 3), type 2 diabetes (n = 3), cognitive function (n = 3), and vital capacity (n = 2) and erection function (n = 2); (2)saffron could have a positive effect on the psychological level, such as improving depressive symptoms (n=8) and anxiety (n=5); (3) saffron also had a positive impact on the health behavior level, such as improving sleeping (n=1) and appetite (n=1). To sum up, in taking saffron would benefit people on physical, psychological and behavior level. Future research should further investigate the beneficial effect of saffron, and promote its correct knowledge through different access.
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