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Title: 台灣溫泉處方未來發展的借鏡研究
A Study on the Future of Taiwan Hot Spring Prescriptions
Authors: 王國欽
Fang, Tsui-Hua
Keywords: 溫泉處方
hot spring prescriptions
history of prescriptions
hot spring tourism
hot spring tour
water quality of hot springs
hot spring physiotherapy
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 日本、歐洲對於溫泉運用與研究隨著時間過去,發展越來越發達,反觀台灣,溫泉理療不僅尚未合法化,台灣溫泉的成分研究著墨也較少,不僅缺乏學術和醫學人才投入研究,對於業者而言,若想要宣傳溫泉理療功效,不僅被法令限縮,甚至違法,因此影響溫泉處方的發展,投入溫泉理療的人才的意願明顯無法提升。 因此本研究將日本、歐洲處方歷程為範本,以文獻分析法整理出台灣溫泉的種類與療效,以及台灣溫泉現況與產業等資料,並統整日本和西方溫泉理療的歷史、處方內容、法規比較,以深度訪談法進行訪談,藉由產官學方面專家訪談內容,提出對溫泉產業、學術界、溫泉產業、醫療等可著手處,得到關於制度、人才、場域、知識觀念等不同面向的建議,給予溫泉處方可能的前進方向。 本研究認為,綜合以上建議方向,可得出台灣溫泉處方未來發展的借鏡,最後若能透過最高層級/國家行政單位 (衛福部) 許可,方能達到台灣溫泉處方執行的可能性。
Owing to, it become more developed in the use and research of hot springs in Japan and Europe. In contrast, hot spring physiotherapy has not been legalized in Taiwan. Not only lack of research in the composition of hot springs, but also lack of academic and medical talents to invest in research in Taiwan. This is the legal limitation if wanting to promote hot springs efficacy of physiotherapy but even illegal, which affects the development of hot spring prescriptions, and reduces the willingness of talents who invest in hot spring physiotherapy. Therefore, this study uses the Japanese and European prescription history as a model to sort out the types and curative effects of Taiwan's hot springs in Document Analysis, as well as the current status and industry of Taiwan's hot springs. Integrate the history, prescription content, and legal comparison of Japanese and Western hot spring physiotherapy, conducting interviews with in-depth interviews. Put forward suggestions on different aspects such as systems, talents, fields, and knowledge concepts including the hot spring industry, academia, hot spring industry, medical treatment, etc., and give the hot spring prescription a possible way forward by using interviews with industry, government, and academic experts. This study believes that combining the above suggested directions, we can draw the future development of Taiwan’s hot spring prescriptions, finally, if the highest level/national administrative unit (Ministry of Health and Welfare) permits, Taiwan's hot spring prescription can be within the law in future.
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