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Title: 多元團體活動對長者憂鬱及生活滿意度影響之研究--以福建福州某住宿型養老機構為例
The effect of multi-group activities on the depressive symptoms and life satisfaction in elderly--A case taking a residential pension facility in Fuzhou, Fujian
Authors: 張少熙
Chang, Shao-Hsi
Wu, Chia-Ling
Keywords: 活動
long-term care institutions
quality of life
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 聯合國統計資料顯示,全球老年人口每年約提升3%,中國大陸以往因實施「一胎化」人口策略,導致人口老化過快,老年化問題相當嚴峻。故而礙於家庭、經濟及照護長者壓力下,讓長者入住住宿型養老機構已成為考量方式之一。 本研究旨在探討多元團體活動對長者憂鬱及生活滿意度影響,並以福建福州某住宿型機構為研究案例,運用問卷方式探知多元團體活動介入前後的長者人口背景變項,對憂鬱及生活滿意度影響。並探討多元團體活動是否影響住宿型機構長者憂鬱情形,甚至進一步影響其生活滿意度。 本研究將研究結果進行彙整與分析,結論為:於住宿型養老機構中施行多元團體活動能夠使長者憂鬱情形改善並提高生活滿意度。生活自理功能為輕度依賴及中度依賴者的憂鬱程度,均顯著高於完全自理者。此顯示不同個人背景長者都需要參與多元團體活動,尤其是日常生活需要依賴他人的長者,活動參與需求更需重視。 此研究可成為後續相關研究之先河,為此類型議題研究開啟更多關注點及方向。同時亦希望研究結果可為福州以至於福建或全中國甚至是台灣養老事業的業者,於發展長者住宿型機構之獨特性差異化的選擇發展依據。同時也可以提供給政府相關部門於制定與品質提升發展相關政策指標之建議參考內容。
Statistics from the United Nations show that the global elderly population increases by about 3% every year. In the past, China implemented the "one-child" population strategy, which caused the population to age too quickly, and the aging problem was quite serious. Therefore, due to the pressure of family, economy and care of the elders, letting the elders live in residential care institutions has become one of the considerations. This research aims to explore the impact of multiple group activities on the depression and life satisfaction of the elderly, and uses a residential institution in Fuzhou, Fujian as a research case to use questionnaires to explore the changes in the elderly population background before and after the intervention of multiple group activities, and to be satisfied with depression and life impact. And explore whether the multi-group activities affect the depression of the elderly in residential institutions, and even further affect their life satisfaction. Results of the research are compiled and analyzed, and the conclusion is that the implementation of multiple group activities in residential care institutions can improve the depression of the elderly and increase life satisfaction. Lightly dependent and moderately dependent life self-care functions. The degree of depression was significantly higher than those who took care of themselves. This shows that elders with different personal backgrounds need to participate in diverse group activities, especially elders who need to rely on others in their daily lives, and the need for participation in activities needs more attention. This study can become a precedent for follow-up related research, provide more focus and directions for research on this type of topic. At the same time, and hope that results of the study can provide the basis for the development of the unique and differentiated selection and development of elderly residential institutions in Fuzhou, Fujian, the whole of China, and even Taiwan. Simultaneously, it also provides relevant government departments with suggestions and reference content for formulating and quality improvement and development related policy indicators.
Other Identifiers: G0007344108
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