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Title: 活躍老化:智慧型長照園區規劃之研究
Active Ageing: The Planning of Intelligent Long-Term Care Living District
Authors: 陳美燕
Chen, Mei-Yen
Chang, Yu-Kai
Chen, Huei-Chu
Keywords: 文獻分析
Document analysis
Case study
Active Ageing
Intelligent Long-Term Care
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 透過智慧科技的導入,不但可以翻轉原本以人工流程的效率;也可透過資訊平臺進行服務管理,並進而透過數據分析來提升服務品質,甚至是達到創新服務;另外,透過系統的導入更有助於長照產業、照護員形象的提升。本研究目的希望能夠結合醫療照護、大資料、人工智慧、甚至區塊鏈等新一代的資訊技術產品,實現長照服務的智慧化和社區化,實現長照機構、家庭以及失能者個人與健康長照資源的有效利用和配置,提出建置一個智慧型長照園區之策略與可行性評估。本研究採用個案研究方法,首先以文獻分析方式,瞭解其他國家之作法;接著,分析目前國家現行相關政策及方案之反思;最後,以個案研究方式探究園區規劃目標、執行方法略與資源需求、財務與經濟效益分析、以及預期效果及影響。本研究結果先整理歸納活躍老化的決定因素及活躍老化策略所需考量之面向,並提出從健康、參與以及安全三大面向,提昇高齡者之生活品質的場域建置的可行性評估。本文除分析高齡化人口趨勢的挑戰、活躍老化的決定因素及活躍老化策略所需考量之面向,並提出因應高齡化社會智慧型長照園區規劃,希望建構友善且高品質健康照護環境,期能達到預防失能、活躍老化之終極目標。
With the progress of information and communication technology, the insufficiency of long-term care which are derived from aging society, scholars and entrepreneurs started investing resources and humans to develop intelligent products. As for policy makers, population ageing is a crucial issue around the world. With the increasing of longevity associating with chronic diseases in old age, seniors’ quality of life may not be improved. This purpose of the study is discussing the challenges of an ageing population, determinants of active ageing and exploring the strategies considered. The active ageing policy in Taiwan, including health promotion, decreasing risk factors and creating a high-quality and friendly caring environment has been conducted to reach the ultimate goal of active ageing and preventing disabilities. Based on the case study, the results of this study first summarized the determinants of active aging and the aspects required for active aging strategies, and proposed the feasibility assessment of field construction to improve the quality of life of elderly people from the three aspects of health, health and safety. In summary, this study may offer the government and related companies to provide a reference for future planning of Intelligent Long-Term Care Living District.
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