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Title: 五萬四仟坪的想像:從茶園、飯店、下一步?
Fifty Four Thousand Ping: From Tea to Hotel, What is the Next Step?
Authors: 王國欽
Chuang, In-Yi
Keywords: 土地開發
land development
focus group interview
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 土地開發廣義來說是指透過規劃、土木工程、建築工程等手段,以提高土地的價值與使用程度。綜觀土地開發之現況,有許多資料顯示若土地未經妥善開發規劃與經營管理,則會出現土地閒置或歇業之危機。因此土地進行開發之前,皆應審慎評估與規劃,以發揮土地的價值與效益,並使其永續經營。故本研究旨在探討土地開發的現況與趨勢,並歸納出可執行的土地開發計畫。本研究以樹籽工商綜合區為個案,目前其部分土地已開發為度假飯店與宴會廳,其為一間國際觀光旅館。而今尚有五萬四仟坪規模的土地正計劃開發,故此片土地的開發與應用為本研究所探討之重要議題。研究方法為焦點團體訪談法,共舉辦了2場焦點團體座談,包含21位不同專業背景的受訪對象;此外,同時蒐集多個各國土地開發個案的現況,作為本研究之借鏡與參考。研究結果顯示現今產業發展的趨勢,並指出樹籽工商綜合區可往多種土地開發的方向來發展:一、以樹籽工商綜合區現有資源為根基,並予以強化或延伸,例如:強化親子市場、發展為多功能的度假飯店、結合酒莊或農莊的概念、設置觀光工廠或展覽館以訴說企業故事、將現有資源發展為具健康價值的休閒服務。二、有別於其現有的經營模式與定位,從嶄新的方向來開發這片土地,如開發為產業園區、開發為養生村、結合博弈休閒產業、結合藝文產業。最後,本研究建議此工商綜合區未來開發內容可包含「設置兒童體適能館、增設可讓三代家族同遊的休閒空間、規劃為商辦空間並發展成產業園區」。
Broadly speaking, land development strives to increase land value and usage through measures of planning, civil engineering, and architectural development, etc.. Through an overall view of the current status of land development, most report has indicated that without proper development planning and operation management, the crisis of land disuse or close of on-site businesses may emerge consequently. Therefore, before any land development, careful evaluation and planning should be carried out to optimize land value and effectiveness to ensure sustainable development. Hence, this study aims at exploring the current status and trends in land development, as well as consolidating an executable land development plan. This research takes on Seedz industrial and commercial integrated district as the case study out of which part of the land has been developed into holiday resort hotels and banquet halls in the form of an international tourism hotel. At present, there are still some fifty four thousand ping of land subject to ongoing development planning, so the development and usage of the undeveloped land have become the principal subject to be explored by this study. The research method is through two focus group interviews of 21 interview subjects who were of different professional backgrounds. Furthermore, the current status of various land development projects of various countries has also been collected as case studies and references for this study. The result of the study indicated the present trend of the land development industry while pointing out the many possibilities of the land development opportunity for Seedz industrial and commercial integrated district. One is to utilize the current land resource of the industrial and commercial integrated district, such as strengthening the targeted family market, developing into multi-functional resort hotels, combining it with winery or farm, setting up cultural-creative factories or exhibition halls conveying corporate values, and developing the current land resource into leisure service beneficial to health. Another development direction is to initiate a brand-new development angle, such as industry park, health village, gambling house, and recreational amenities with cultural and creative industries. In conclusion, this study recommends the development content of this industrial and commercial integrated district may include amenities for children physical fitness, recreation zone for three-generation family, and commercial office spaces of an industry park.
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