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Title: 李姆斯基.柯薩可夫交響組曲《天方夜譚》作品三十五之探究與指揮詮釋
The Conducting Interpretation of N. Rimsky-Korsakov: Symphonic Suite “Scheherazade”, Op.35
Authors: 孫愛光
Sun, Ai-Kuang
Fang, Hsin-Yuan
Keywords: 天方夜譚
Conducting interpretation
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 《天方夜譚》(Scheherazade)創作於一八八八年,為李姆斯基‧柯薩可夫(Nikolay Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov, 1844-1908)最具代表性的管絃樂作品之一。其共分為四個樂章,以阿拉伯故事《一千零一夜》作為啟發而寫作完成,各樂章於首演時皆具有標題,分別為:「海與辛巴達的船」(The Sea and the Sinbad’s Ship)、「卡蘭達王子的故事」(Prince Kalender’s Narrative)、「年輕王子與公主」(The Young Prince and Princess)、「巴格達的慶典-海-船撞上有青銅騎士雕像的峭壁」(Festival at Baghdad-The Sea-The Ship Breaks against a Cliff Surmounted by a Bronze Horseman),而在首演後李姆斯基‧柯薩可夫便刪除了標題,希望聽眾以自己的想像力去完成對於樂曲畫面的勾勒。   本論文以作曲家背景與其音樂理論著作為出發點,將《天方夜譚》整首曲子作深入的探究,並且將其應用於實際排練與演出當中。透過排練與演出,整理出樂曲中所需注意的重點以及處理的依據。期許能為後續喜愛該作品以及計畫演出的後進有參考的依據。
Scheherazade, composed by Nikolay Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908) in 1888. It is known as the most famous piece of Rimsky-Korsakov’s orchestral works. It comprised of four movements, each movement has a title when it was premiered: The Sea and the Sin bad’s Ship, Prince Kalender’s Narrative, The Young Prince and Princess, Festival at Baghdad-The Sea-The Ship Breaks against a Cliff Surmounted by a Bronze Horseman. However, after performance, Rimsky-Korsakov deleted the title to let audience can imagine by theirselves. Based on the composer's background and his musical theory, this thesis makes an in-depth exploration of the whole piece of Scheherazade and applies it to practical rehearsals and performances. Through rehearsals and performances, researcher organized the key points and the basis for processing in the music. With hope that this thesis could be a valuable reference for these who love this piece or plans on performing it.
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