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Title: 獨立音樂企劃與行銷模式建構-獨立音樂專輯為例
Independent musical project and marketing modeling construction – independent musical album as example
Authors: 李和莆
LEE, Wen-Pin Hope
Lu, Shih-Han
Keywords: 獨立音樂
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 近幾年科技發展迅速,許多喜歡音樂的大眾或創作者可以經由不同的平台、不同形式來發表自己的作品,並且透過不同的管道,表達自己對音樂的概念或想法,但如何運用低價成本於自媒體及數位平台增加粉絲消費模式、精確掌握定位、鞏固粉絲群。「獨立音樂」這個詞一直以來不斷的在「主流」與「非主流」音樂領域中遊走,至今獨立音樂與主流音樂也互相影響導致於模糊地帶,也越來越難區隔。 筆者以獨立音樂企劃與行銷作為探討,別於以往主流音樂透過各種實體平台、傳統大眾媒體提升並塑造藝人形象,並於筆者自身企劃各種流行音樂相關課程經歷並以獨立音樂的文獻資料蒐集、個別案例來分析獨立音樂與主流音樂的差別。 為了更深入了解主流與獨立音樂市場現況及粉絲消費市場,在文獻資料蒐集中也發現目前獨立音樂的定義多元,故邀請業界數位音樂專業人士至筆者企劃課程擔任授課講師,並文獻分析,發現獨立音樂開始有了許多廠牌的支撐,並有固定粉絲群,其實與主流音樂行銷方式差異不大甚至極小。筆者綜合以上文獻及經歷套用於目前所企劃的樂團專輯上。
Due to technology development, those who love music or creators can publish their own creation through different platforms and forms. In addition, expressing different perspectives about music is accessible via different channels. However, it is interesting to think that how could people lower their cost , making consumers increase consumption levels, holding exact status in musical industry, and making their fans sustainable by implementing social media and digital platforms. The term, independent music, has been existing between mainstream and non-mainstream musical industry. To date, independent music and mainstream music has been interacting strongly. Therefore, it is hard to distinguish within these two terms. Instead of making mainstream music to enhance entertainers’ image through solid platform and traditional mass media, author has been attempting other methods. To differentiate from independent music to mainstream music, author has utilized independent musical project and relevant marketing, consisting of their lecture experiences regarding pop music, literatures associated with independent music, and individual case studies. In order to deeply understand the differences between mainstream and independent music, especially from the aspect of current market circumstances, professionals from digital music industry have been invited to class as lecturers. From the process of collecting literatures, the definition of independent music has been perceived as more variety. Besides, independent music has been discovered that some brands gave it some degrees of support, and some people have became its fans, shrinking the differences of marketing regarding pop music and independent music. To summarize, writer has combined the literatures which mentioned above and personal experiences into the band album project that has been progressing.
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