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Title: 音樂劇編舞研究:以音樂劇《一個美國人在巴黎》為例
Exploring Choreography in Musical Dance Theatre: A Case Study on the Musical “An American in Paris”
Authors: 吳義芳
Keywords: 百老匯音樂劇《一個美國人在巴黎》
Broadway Musical :An American in Paris
Movie: An American in Paris
Christopher Wheeldon
Dance Creation
Role analysis
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本篇書面報告是以百老匯音樂劇《一個美國人在巴黎》(An American in Paris)為研究對象,進行舞蹈分析和舞碼呈現。本詮釋報告總共分為七個章節,第一章為研究目的與動機和其方法與架構。第二章將對音樂劇舞蹈歷史做出三部分的整理及探究,分別是「音樂舞蹈劇場的時代發展」、「歷史中主要以編舞暨導演的人物介紹」,以及「舞蹈在音樂劇發展中對現今百老匯音樂劇所帶來的影響」。第三章分別分析舞蹈、音樂、戲劇三者的交互影響,以及編舞在音樂劇裡所擔當的角色,包含編舞對於戲劇、音樂、總體藝術的影響分析。第四章是以《一個美國人在巴黎》舞蹈介紹及分析,關於劇情大綱、時代背景、創作團隊介紹,以及文本角色介紹、曲目表總覽,特別是對編舞家暨導演-克里斯多夫·威爾頓(Christopher Wheeldon)的研究。探討他如何對舞蹈劇情做分場架構,以及如何用舞蹈編排的方式串連共兩場二十四首舞碼,包含道具進出以及場景轉換、舞蹈劇情結構分析與對舞蹈對應歌曲的分析。第五章以《一個美國人在巴黎》中五位主要角色做舞蹈詮釋分析探討,五位角色分別是莉絲・達辛(Lise Dassin)、傑瑞・墨里根(Jerry Mulligan)、亨利・鮑瑞爾(Henri Baurel)、美洛・達文波特(Milo Davenport)、亞當・霍伯格(Adam Hochberg),以這五人做角色分析。第六章是用以音樂劇《一個美國人在巴黎》和電影《花都舞影》做劇目場景、舞蹈、道具運用比較,探討兩者的相同與不同之處。第七章為結語。經由研究者探討分析之後,期許本研究對於日後的音樂劇產業能夠有所回饋,無論是舞蹈創作賦予角色的靈活度或是舞蹈與戲劇文本的搭配以及舞蹈創作與音樂共同激發的氛圍,乃至於舞蹈創作對於各個戲劇面向所產生的影響,看見舞蹈在音樂劇裡的重要性。
This musical dancing creation research is using the Broadway musical “An American in Paris” for the main topic, to analyse and perform this dancing programme demonstration. This musical dancing creation research is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter is talking about purpose, motivation, method and structure of this research. The second chapter is the analysis for the musical dancing history, which presents into three parts, the time progress of the music dancing theatre and the introduction of some important choreographer cum director, and how the growing and changing influenced the nowadays Broadway musical. The third chapter generalises the view of choreography in Gesamtkunstwerk and other three independent fields in musical, which are dance, music and drama. It is worth exploring how the three fields impact and respond to each other and further more evoke new thoughts and creativities. The fourth chapter introduced and analysed the Broadway musical “An American in Paris” in details, including the synopsis, characters, musical numbers, the beginning of the story, the history backgrounds and the introduction of production group. The musical is directed by Christopher Wheeldon, and he is also the choreographer of this play. This chapter also discussed the scene structure of the dancing plot, the way he connected twenty four dancing programmes in two acts, the use of props and the switchings of background projection, the analysis of dancing plot structure and the analysis of the song corresponding with the choreography.The fifth chapter is about the dancing interpretation of five main characters, who is Lise Dassin, Jerry Mulligan, Henri Baurel, Milo Davenport and Adam Hochberg. By using each of their growing background and analysing their characteristics, they then develop the physical performance of the characters. The sixth chapter is using the musical version of “An American in Paris” and the movie version to analyse the act scene, dancing parts and props usage, also talks about the different process, due to the different way we approach.The last chapter is making a conclusion and discussion of this musical dancing creation research. Through the thorough analysis by the researching student, I expect that I can give back all I’ve learned and my experiences to the future musical industry. The choreography combined with the script, brings the characters alive, presents the exciting atmosphere and integrates with other aspects. I also hope my future musical choreography has the profound memory that can bring satisfaction to the people, just like the choreography of “An American in Paris”.
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