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Title: 漁村的產業升級與地方發展之研究──以八斗子地區為例
Exploring Industry Upgrading and Local Development of Fishing Villages: the Case of Badouzi Areas
Authors: 王國欽
Wang, Kuo-Ching
Athena H. N. Mak
Liou, Dai-wen
Keywords: 休閒漁業
Recreational Fishery
The Spectrum of Marine Tourism Recreation Opportunity
Resource Based Theory
Importance-Performance Analysis
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract:   全球在地化之影響增進地方議題的關注,地方上的一級產業隨著市場觀光需求提升,面臨導向投入三級產業之服務,以利產業升級與永續發展。而近幾年的觀光模式趨近導向提供深度的體驗,創造無形的價值,因此產業的升級促使地方發展觀光。   本研究目的為從遊客態度探討八斗子的遊憩資源品質之重視與滿意程度;從供給管理者觀點探討八斗子的觀光發展持續性競爭優勢;最後比較兩者觀點,歸納整理八斗子地方發展觀光之模式。研究方法使用混合研究法,透過立意抽樣在實地發放問卷調查遊客,共得302份有效問卷;以及使用半結構式深度訪談,訪問遊憩要素之供給管理者,共6位。研究分析使用IPA分析八斗子遊憩品質要素,結果顯示:自然風景是繼續維持之屬性、加強無障礙空間與提供多元的餐飲服務為優先改善之項目;透過內容分析訪談結果得出八斗子主要的價值 (V)、稀有性 (R)、不易模仿 (I)、組織 (O) 為:漁村文化與環境教育為價值資源、漁村遊程與休閒漁業為稀有性資源、漁村體驗活動與漁村人文為不易模仿資源、地方觀光發展協會與青年工作室為組織資源。   本研究結論為透過比較遊客與供給管理者之觀點,分析八斗子是適合北部人遠離塵囂的去處,遊客需求重視旅遊設施的便利性,滿意地方的自然風景可以放鬆身心。供給管理者期望推廣地方的獨特價值,發揚漁村之美。因此本研究建議:一、提供多元的遊憩服務,提升遊客旅遊之便利性,二、加強管理與評估,以提高遊憩品質,三、建立品牌以營造漁村魅力,四、加強推廣增進遊客與地方的連結。
Glocalization has increased the attention of local issues. With the increasing demand of tourism market, the primary sector of the economy needs to add tertiary sector of the economy to facilitate industrial upgrading and sustainable development in country. Recently, tourism model has tended to providing deep experience and creating intangible value. Therefore, industry upgrading has advanced the development of tourism in country. The purpose of the study is to first explore the importance and performance attitudes to the quality of recreation resources from tourists, second explore the sustained competitive advantage of the tourism development from the perspectives of supplier and manager, finally compare the two viewpoints and summarize the tourism model in Badouzi. The study method is mixed- method research. Questionnaires was distributed to tourists on the spot and applied purposive sampling. A total of 302 effective questionnaires were collected; semi-structured interviews was applied to interview suppliers and managers. The results of importance-performance analysis is following: natural scenery is keep up the good work resources; Enhancing barrier-free spaces and providing diversified catering services are concentrate here. The results of content analysis values (V), rarity (R), imitability (I), and organization (O) of Badouzi is following: fishing village culture and environmental education are valuable resources; fishing village tours and recreational fishery are rare resources; fishing village experience activities and fishing village humanities are difficult to imitate resources; local tourism development association and youth studio are organization resources. The conclusion shows that Badouzi is a suitable place for northern residents in Taiwan to get away from the hustle and bustle. Tourists need to pay attention to the convenience of tourist facilities, and the natural scenery of the satisfied place can relax. Suppliers and managers expect to promote the unique value of the place and carry forward the beauty of the fishing village. The study suggested is following: (1) providing diversified recreational services; (2) strengthening management and evaluation to improve the quality of recreation; (3) building a brand to create the charm of the fishing village; (4). Increasing the bonding between tourists and places.
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