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Title: 臺中東協廣場外籍移工休閒研究
The Leisure Study of Migrant Workers in Taichung ASEAN Square
Authors: 林伯修
Lin, Po-Hsiu
Liao, Sin-Yu
Keywords: 東南亞族裔地景
migrant workers
migrant worker’s leisure
leisure constraint
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 過去關於臺灣族裔地景研究大多聚焦在北臺灣,本研目的試圖跳脫北臺灣框架,對「臺中東協廣場」進行民族誌的族裔地景深描,同時進一步地探究地景內部印尼社福移工休閒與其移工休閒阻礙。研究結果發現,假日的臺中東協廣場四處都充滿著移工休閒場景,儼然成為東南亞族裔休閒地景,也因地處臺灣中心的地理位置,成為各地移工相約聚會的中繼站,同時也使得東協廣場內移工國籍多元,不愧對其「小東南亞」的美名,承襲過去第一廣場的歷史脈絡,東協廣場內以臺灣籍商家居多,更為臺灣開啟了一道多元文化交流的窗口,從臺中市政府對東協廣場極具階級凝視暴力與商業導向的管理政策,我們也看見了族裔地景脆弱性、易滲透性與開放性的特質;內部的移工休閒主要可分為購物、社交、飲食三大類,這些休閒活動對在台移工而言,有著族裔身份認同、社交網絡在地化、重拾自尊的功用;本研究對印尼社福移工進行訪談,加深了解移工休閒脈絡及休閒阻礙,發現印尼社福移工個人阻礙中包含了「身份的合法性」、「宗教」、「賺取加班費」、人際阻礙則是朋友間互相的休假時間無法配合、結構性阻礙則為「休假天數少」、「缺少個人隱私空間」、「休息時間破碎」、「被剝奪的自主權」。
Many ethnoscape based on migrant workers leisure activities began to appear, but most of research focused on northern Taiwan. Therefore, this study attempts to use ethnography as a method to thick description Taichung ASEAN Square and considers Indonesian migrant worker’s leisure and leisure constraints. The result of study shows that the migrant workers leisure scenes are full of Taichung ASEAN Square in holidays, totally becoming a leisure ethnoscape, and also because of the location in the middle of Taiwan, it becomes relay station for all migrant worker in Taiwan. Taichung ASEAN Square was reconstructed from the Taichung First Square, therefore there are many Taiwanese merchants in here, it opens a multicultural window for exchanges between Taiwan and Southeast Asia. The management policies of Taichung city government are hierarchy with violence gaze and commercialization, it show the vulnerability, permeability and openness traits. Migrant worker’s leisure activities in ASEAN Square can be divided three major categories: consumption, social, diet, Migrant workers can through these leisure activities improve ethnically identity, localization social networks, maintain self-esteem. The study through interviewed Indonesia migrant workers to understand migrant worker’s leisure context and leisure constraints, realized their intrapersonal constrains including identity legality, religion, earn more overtime pay, interpersomal constrains including day-off can’t match with friends, structure constrains including lack of dayoff , decision-making power, clear boundary between on duty and off duty, also can’t have full privacy space.
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