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Title: Gogoro車主臺灣環島之旅遊動機與騎乘滿意度研究
A study on the travel motivation and riding satisfaction of Taiwan's round-the-island by Gogoro owners
Authors: 張少熙
Chang, Shao-Hsi
Tsai, Shu-Ju
Keywords: Gogoro
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討Gogoro車主臺灣環島之旅遊動機與騎乘滿意度研究,針對曾騎乘Gogoro進行臺灣環島車主進行問卷收集,共收集417份問卷,剔除無效問卷28份,總樣本數為389份,有效回收率為91.5%,依回收結果進行相關統計分析,研究結果如下:騎乘Gogoro進行臺灣環島的車主以年齡在31~35歲間的男性車主居多,職業多為白領工作者,平均月收入在30,001元~40,000元間,有6成的車主都是第一次環島;有5成的車主為了環島替電動機車加裝設備,加裝設備費用大都在1萬元以下;高達9成以上的車主都順利完成環島;因大部份車主都居住於北部地區,故有約6成的車主選擇逆時鐘的環島方向 (難度簡單至困難),耗費天數大多為3~6天,環島旅途花費金額都在5千元以下,大部份的車主平日喜愛騎乘路線為濱海公路;環島之旅遊動機以「逃避的誘因」最高,騎乘滿意度以「車輛滿意度」最高。 「是否順利完成環臺灣本島」、「一同環島的夥伴」、「環島耗費天數」、「環島旅途中花費金額」、「個人喜歡騎乘的路線」及「花費在購置配件的費用」在旅遊動機中達顯著差異。「年齡」、「是否順利完成環臺灣本島」、「一同環島的夥伴」、「個人喜歡騎乘的路線」、及「是否為了環島加裝其他裝備」在騎乘滿意度中達顯著差異。 騎乘Gogoro進行臺灣環島車主之旅遊動機與騎乘滿意度間均呈現顯著的正相關。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the travel motivation and riding satisfaction of Gogoro owners around Taiwan. Questionnaires were collected for owners who had ridden Gogoro around the Island in Taiwan. A total of 417 questionnaires were collected, and 28 invalid questionnaires were excluded. The total number of samples were 389. The effective recovery rate is 91.5%. Relevant statistical analysis is conducted according to the recovery results. The research results are as follows: The majority of Gogoro drivers are male between 31-35 years of age. Most of them are white-collar workers. The average monthly income is between TWD 30,001-40,000. 60% of Gogoro owners are first-time round-the-island travel. 50% of Gogoro owners have installed equipment for electric locomotives around the island. The cost of installing equipment is mostly below TWD 10,000. Up to 90% of the Gogoro owners have successfully completed the roundabout. As the majority of Gogoro owners live in the northern region, about 60% of owners choose the counter-clock roundabout direction (Start from easy route to different one). Most of the days are 3-6 days. All the round-island trips cost less than TWD 5,000. Most of the owners prefer to ride the coastal road on weekdays. The tourism motivation around the island is the highest with "escape inducement". The satisfaction degree of riding is the highest in "vehicle satisfaction". There were significant differences in travel motivation among "whether to complete the tour of the main island of Taiwan successfully", "Whom they go with", "days spent on the tour of the island", "amount spent on the tour of the island", "personal preferred riding route" and "cost spent on accessories". There were significant differences in riding satisfaction among "age", "successful completion of the trip around Taiwan", " Whom they go with ", "personal preferred riding route", and "whether other equipment was installed for the trip". There was a significant positive correlation between Gogoro riders travel motivation and riding satisfaction.
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