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Title: 以資料視覺化觀點分析臺灣運動現況與消費支出資料庫之關聯性
Using Data Visualization Perspective to Analyze the Relation of Taiwan Sports Situation and Consumption Expenditure Databases
Authors: 陳美燕
Chen, Mei-Yen
Chiou-Feng Chen
Keywords: 資料視覺化
data visualization
Taiwan sports data base analytics
Taiwan sports consumer expenditure
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 在資通訊快速轉換的社會趨勢下,資料量不斷加倍成長,龐大的資料帶來了更多值得研究的隱藏資訊。次級資料分析便是從與主題相關的文獻或過往的資料中整理蒐集完成後進行的分析。次級資料分析是透過既存的大型研究資料庫 (例如:中央研究院社會變遷調查) 或政府統計資料 (例如:工商普查) 來對該研究進行深化實證探究的方法。而資料視覺化是透過圖像化工具 (例如:各種統計圖表、立體模型等) 從複雜浩大的資料庫中篩選出合適且可用的數據資料,經由轉化或介接分析後,進而成為簡易閱讀、容易理解的可靠訊息,資料視覺化可以快速提供即時的方式理解資料。此外,政府開放資料為近年研究的熱門議題,我國政府也將其資料列為政策一大重點,並要求其所屬機關開放資料給予社會公眾使用。以教育部體育署而言,目前有將近 20 個資料庫,因為委辦或承辦單位不同, 目前較缺少整合或介接分析。因此,本研究目的是從非反應式研究角度,探究不同資料庫整合後,視覺化分析呈現的樣態。本研究以體育運動資訊相關之運動現況調查、運動消費支出、體適能等資料庫為例,探究不同資料庫進行視覺化分析的樣態。本研究發現任何的資料分析及視覺化之前,首先應將資料再整理與計算, 有乾淨、完整和有意義的資料,才能呈現真實的現況。其次,根據研究目的與設計,將資料庫進行介接或合併,例如:歷年規律運動人口與縣市對應之趨勢;各縣市運動現況與消費支出之關聯。最後,從資料可呈現性的角度,以多元圖像方式呈現其資料視覺化分析,亦可展現出更有效果的資料訊息傳之遞能力,但是, 從學術研究角度仍須強化資料的可檢驗性與價值性,並進一步進行量化的技術分析。
Due to the trend of information conversion in nowadays society, data volume unceasingly grows and multiplies. In the meanwhile, mass data brings more hidden information that is valuable to investigate. Secondary data analysis refers to the method of collecting major-related literature and tracing pass data to conduct in-depth analysis, by utilizing existing extensive research database (e.g., Academia Sinica Taiwan Social Change Survey) or official statistics performed by governmental agencies (e.g., Industry, Commerce and Service Census), to deepen the empirical research. Data Visualization uses image tools (e.g., Statistic chart, Three-dimensional model, etc.) to filter proper and useful data from massive complex databases, which offers a fast and immediate way of understanding the data by converting, interfacing, analyzing these data into easily comprehensible, reliable information. Since open government data becomes a popular subject in recent years, the Taiwan government places it as one of its significant policies, also demands agencies to allow its data to be used by the public. According to Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, there are around twenty databases. Due to the difference in commission units and organizations, there's a lack of data integration and data interface. Therefore, our research probe into the integration of different databases and the style of data visualization analysis via the perspective of non-reactive research. This research uses related sports information databases of the current investigation, Sports consuming expenditure, Physical fitness, to present various styles of data visualization by probing into different databases. First, we need to refresh the data by calculation, to provide clean, complete, meaningful data to display the actual current state before presenting any data analysis and visualization. Second, we integrate and combine databases, according to research goal and design. (e.g., the trend of the regular exercising population relative to each cosmopolitan; the relation of Sports consuming expenditure to each cosmopolitan.) Finally, we use various image tools to present data visualize analytics by possible presentable perspectives, which also performs more effective information delivery. However, we still need to strengthen the liability, inspection, and value to conduct further quantitative technical analysis.
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