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Title: 樂齡族參與志願服務之歷程研究
A study of the process and development on the senior citizen voluntary service
Authors: 林伯修
Lin, Po-Hsiu
Lin, Wei-Chen
Keywords: 樂齡族
senior citizen
successful ageing
serious leisure
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究目的:在探討樂齡者藉由參與志願服務的歷程及休閒利益。研究方法:採用參與觀察法及半結構式深度訪談蒐集資料共9位受訪者。研究結果中發現:(一)參與志願服務工作為回饋社會者居多。(二)持續投入服務的原因:認同服務單位、維繫社交、肯定自我、服務對象的回饋及服務區域便利與自由度高。(三)面對挫折與困境態度,多會以樂觀積極來肯定自我服務的價值,並找尋解決的方法(四)阻礙志願服務為自身因素,包含著家庭需要照顧與考量身體健康等。結論與建議:本次研究對象皆從工作與家庭間,利用閒暇之餘參與志願服務工作服務,透過與生命的接觸而影響生死觀,對於生命感到更加豁達。將自已與家庭先照顧好,才能走入並照顧與服務其他人群,在服務過程中適應老年的到來,是成功老化的關鍵性,並且可以提升生活與服務的品質,達到對自已與社會雙贏的結果。對於未來要投入志願服務工作者的建議是,越年輕投入志願服務工作,可達認真休閒的特質,使得成功老化效果更好。
Aim: Explore and research the patterns of senior citizens’ participation in volunteer works, and its inherited benefit for participants’ well-being. Method: Gather and analyze data from a group of nine (9) participants employing in-depth semi-structured individual interview and participatory observation. Results: 1. Most participants volunteer as a way to give back to society. 2. Reasons for continuing volunteer works are: identifying with their works, maintaining social contacts, self-affirmation, positive feedbacks, convenient service locations, and flexibility. 3. When facing adversity and setback, participants tend to exhibit positive and optimistic attitude toward their own values and actively seek solutions. 4. Reasons keeping them from volunteer works are usually personal, such as family needs and physical health conditions. Conclusion and suggestion: Participants in the study all find time between jobs and families to volunteer at their spare time. Through active social interaction and service, they develop much more positive and open-minded views toward lives in general. However, the study also finds that self-reliance and well-care of family are vital prerequisites to succeed in any volunteering works. The key to age gracefully is to understand and adjust to changes in the process of active participation of volunteer services.In addition, participation provides a conducive environment for self-improvement. That in turn improves the quality of lives and works, and achieves a win-win situation for participants and society. The study suggests that for those who are considering joining to be volunteers, the earlier you are involved, the greater probability you would develop the character of conscientious leisure, and enable you to make a much smoother and graceful transition to be a senior citizen.
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