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Title: 園藝治療師的核心能力探討-實務工作者的經驗與觀點
The study of the core competency of horticultural therapist-Experiences and opinions of practioners
Authors: 林儷蓉
Lin, Li-Jung
Hu, Chih-Lan
Keywords: 園藝治療
horticultural therapy
horticultural therapist
core competencies
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 近年來園藝治療蓬勃發展,許多大專院校及法人組織,相繼開設專業教育課程及認證訓練。由於園藝治療普遍運用於身心障礙及特殊需求者,其專業領域橫跨醫療照護、園藝技術、及休閒活動規劃等,因此一位園藝治療師需具備有跨專業及綜合的多元學習能力。園藝治療師專業能力是經由園藝治療工作者運用知識、專業技術與態度 (核心價值) 三大基石所建立的,本研究主要研究我國園藝治療師其所需具備之專業核心能力為何。研究者藉由深度訪談法請受訪者描述園藝治療師參與專業訓練課程時,依據任教現場的經驗,提供園藝治療師專業核心能力究竟為何。研究方法採立意取樣,訪談對象為目前臺灣致力於園藝治療工作者的專家學者共計7位,橫跨範圍包括有學界、產業界及醫療界等多元領域的專業人士,從事園藝治療及教學相關工作均達10至20多年不等,本研究將以一對一半結構式深度訪談方式進行。研究結果整理出園藝治療師專業核心能力內涵應包含有:結合自身優勢發展多元專業知能的能力、園藝知識能力、引導彙整溝通協調能力、跨域整合能力、評估能力並提高參與者賦能、教案設計能力、教學技能、書寫記錄能力、問題解決能力、同理心、貼近需要提供安全感、建構療癒治療性環境、具專業倫理道德觀念、幽默感、領導魅力與獨特影響力、自省與反思能力、團隊合作能力以及與大自然的連結能力等等,將園藝治療師的核心能力加以分類歸屬為三大層面,分別是知識運用層面、專業技術層面以及態度核心價值層面,做為臺灣園藝治療師良好專業核心能力之內涵。期望提供專業教育及人才培訓參考,以提升未來園藝治療之服務品質。
In recent years, horticulture therapy has flourished. Many universities and corporations have successively opened professional courses and training. Because horticultural therapy is applied to disabilities and special needs, and its professional fields extend to medical care, gardening technology, and leisure activity planning. Thus, a horticultural therapist needs to have multi-disciplinary and comprehensive capabilities. The professional abilities of horticultural therapists are established through the three cornerstones, knowledge, expertise and attitude (core values). This study mainly discusses the role of horticultural therapists in my country and is expected to required professional and the core of their expertise. The researcher used in-depth interviews to ask the interviewees to describe what the horticultural therapist's professional core competence which is based on the experience of the teaching. To provide professional core ability in the professional training course. The research method is based on intentional sampling. There are seven experts and scholars dedicated to horticultural therapy in Taiwan, the fields including academia, industry, and medical. They have been engaged in horticultural therapy and taught for more than ten to twenty years. This study will be conducted in a one-to-half of depth interview. The result sorted out the connotation of the core competence of horticultural therapists include: the ability of gardening knowledge, the ability of guiding integration and coordination, the ability of cross-domain integration, the ability of improving participant empowerment, the ability of designing teaching plan, skills, writing and problem solving, and empathy. They have to close to needs, provide a sense of security and construct a healing and therapeutic environment. They also have professional ethics and morals, a sense of humor, leadership and unique influence. The ability of introspection, teamwork, and connection with nature, etc., The core competencies of horticultural therapists are classified into three aspects, the level of knowledge application, professional skills, and core values of attitudes which are the core capabilities of good horticultural therapists in Taiwan. It is expected to provide the ideas of education and training to improve the service quality of horticultural therapy in the future.
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