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Title: 大專生在運動教育模式體育課中所體驗身體素養之探討
University Students’ Physical Literacy Experiences of Implementing Sport Education Model in Physical Education Basketball Program
Authors: 掌慶維
Chang, Ching-Wei
Sum, Kim-Wai Raymond
Lo, Hoi-Lam
Keywords: 素養導向教學
Literacy-oriented Teaching
Sports Culture
Situational Learning
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究目的:近年來,身體素養的議題在國際上受到高度的關注,其基礎立場與終身旅程的觀點,對於挑戰日趨嚴峻的大專體育課程與教學的價值與意義,提供一個新的契機。基於此,本研究探討普通體育籃球課實施運動教育模式對大專生身體素養的影響情況為何,以作精進大專體育教學品質之參酌。方法:研究對象為臺北市某國立大學選修普通體育籃球課的一個班級學生50人(女生14人,男生36人),實施十五周運動教育模式作基礎,加上素養導向的籃球課。透過觀察日誌、學生焦點團體訪談、學生心得、以及身體素養量旅程評量矩陣 (IPLA Matrix) 蒐集資料,以了解學生在實施運動教育模式的教學前後,關於身體素養的改變情形。結果:學生在身體素養量旅程評量矩陣的統計有明顯的改變,學生在學習過程中關於身體素養的面向,具有的正向知覺與經驗。建議:適當分組和課程設計令整個班級的掌握度提高及迎合學生的獨特性,後續研究則仍須針對其他運動項目及跟進學生課餘身體活動量評量議題進行探討。
Introduction and objectives: In recent years, the issue of physical literacy has received a high degree of international attention. The main viewpoint is lifelong journey, it provides a new opportunity for the value and significance of the improving severe college sports courses and teaching. Based on this, this study explores the impact of the implementation of the sports education model on the physical literacy of college students in sports basketball program so as to improve the quality of college physical education. Method: A class of 50 students (14 girls and 36 boys) enrolled in a general sports basketball class at a national university in Taipei. Basketball classes were designed in a fifteen-weeks by implementing Sports Education Model. Data collected through observation logs by researcher, focus group interviews, student reflection paper and IPLA Matrix to understand the changes of physical literacy of students before and after the implementation of Sport Education Model. Findings and implications: The matrix shows the students' journey of physical literacy have changed significantly. Students has positive perception and experience the SE learning process to improve their physical literacy. Recommendation: Proper grouping and curriculum design will improve the mastery of the entire class and cater to the uniqueness of the students. Subsequent research will still need to discuss other sports and follow-up assessments of students’ after-school physical activity.
Other Identifiers: G060730054A
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