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Title: 穿戴裝置訊息回饋對跑步之影響
The effect of wearing device feedback in running
Authors: 張家豪
Chang, Jia-Hao
Lin, Shu-Hui
Hsieh, Che-An
Keywords: 跑步經濟性
running economics
step stride
vertical oscillation
maximum oxygen volume
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 目的:以穿戴裝置介入選手訓練,分析其跑步姿勢,並且給予反應回饋,讓跑者能夠立即做技術上的修正,提升訓練效果。方法:受試者為大專公開組中長跑選手共14人,依性別及項目隨機分配至2組進行實驗,皆配戴穿戴裝置進行8週有氧體能期訓練,實驗組每週進行步幅與垂直振幅數據回饋,而對照組則否。實驗開始前與結束後分別進行最大攝氧量、3000公尺跑步表現、步幅及垂直振幅檢測,以二因子變異數分析 (Two way ANOVA)分別觀察兩組在組內及組間之檢測參數差異,統計水準定為α = .05。結果:兩組在組內及組間比較最大攝氧量、3000公尺跑步測驗、3000公尺跑步垂直振幅及步幅後,無顯著差異及交互影響。結論:經由8週有無穿戴裝置回饋介入,對於大專公開組中長跑選手之訓練無明顯協助效果。
Purpose: Using wearable devices to assist athletes in training for improving training results. By analyzing athletes’ running postures and giving them feedback, athletes can immediately make corrections in running postures. Method: Fourteen middle and long distance runners from university division I were recruited and divided randomly into the experimental group (N = 7) and the control group (N = 7). Both groups were received eight-week running training with wearable device, and step stride and vertical oscillation were provided only for the experimental group as feedback. The outcomes including maximums oxygen volume, 3000 meter running performance, step stride and vertical oscillation were performed pre- and post-eight-week running training. Two-way ANOVA was performed to access the significant differences between and within two groups. The statistical significance was set as α = .05. Result: No significant differences between and within two group were noted in outcomes. No interaction was also found. Conclusion: After eight-week running training intervention, with or without feedback by wearable device, no obvious assistance effect for the training in university division I long distance runners was found.
Other Identifiers: G060530052A
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