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Title: 受督導者知覺之諮商督導關係歷程及督導關係事件研究
Other Titles: A Process Study of The Counseling Supervisory Relationship and It's Supervisory Relationship Significant Events Perceived by Supervisees
Authors: 張淑芬
Shu-Fen Chang
Fen-Tsu Laio
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在了解諮商督導中受督導者對諮商督導關係歷程之知覺,同時了解受督導者觀點的督導關係事件。採歷程研究之重要事件報導法收集資料,研究對象為二位碩士層級之受督導者,一學期中歷次個別督導過程皆接受錄音,每次督導後受督導者立即填寫「督導關係評量表」、「督導關係重要事件記錄表」,並接受事後訪談。研究結果為:(1)受督導者知覺到整體督導關係歷程至中後期仍有變化歷程;(2)受督導者知覺到二種關係的樣態,包括回饋情感而知覺連結、教導專業而發展學習,突顯督導關係的特徵。其次,受督導者知覺到影響督導關係的互動,包括投入情感程度影響情緒感受、展現權力程度影響位階知覺、執行評量態度影響揭露行為三種,突顯影響督導關係的互動因素。本研究根據研究結果,對督導實務工作及未來研究提出建議。
The purposes of this research are to understand and describe the counseling supervisory relationship as perceived by supervisees. Through transcriptions of each supervision session, tables of the significant events, scales of supervisory relationship, and transcriptions of each retrospective interview, the researcher collected scores and narrative data from two supervisees. The major findings were: (1) Supervisory relationship process was changeable during the whole semester. (2) The relationship phases included bond feedback vs. bond perceived, and teaching specialized field vs. developing learning attitude. The interaction that influenced supervisory relationship include: the extent of bonding influences emotion, the extent of imposing power influences role awareness, and attitude toward evaluation influences self-disclosure. Suggestions are offered for supervisees, supervisors and further research.
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