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Title: 探討在不同教學情境下科學教學導向與教學規劃的關聯:以兩位資深高中物理教師為例
Exploring the relationship between science teaching orientations and teaching plans in different teaching contexts: two cases of experienced high school physics teachers
Authors: 方素琦
Fang, Su-Chi
Chen, Wei-Han
Keywords: 科學教學導向
Science teaching orientations
Teacher beliefs
experienced physics teachers
teaching plans
teaching contexts
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 科學教學導向(Science Teaching Orientations, STOs)為一組信念的集合,包含教師對科學教育目的信念、科學本質的信念及科學教學與學習的信念。先前的研究已指出多種個別教師信念與教學情境在教學決策中扮演關鍵的角色。然而,尚未有研究以STOs, 即教師信念集合的觀點,探究其在不同教學情境中與教學實務之間的關聯性。本研究採個案研究法探討兩位公立高中資深物理教師在不同教學情境下(例如: 特色課程與一般學科課程) 教師STOs的差異及其與教學規劃的關聯。資料收集包含課程前後半結構式訪談及課堂觀察。資料分析以STOs的架構與教學情境的決策因素為依據,解析與詮釋教師在無特定情境下的個人的科學教學導向 (personal STOs, p-STOs),並比較在特定情境下教師展現的科學教學導向 (enacted STOs, e-STOs) 的差異。研究結果顯示: (一) 兩位個案教師皆持有複雜與多樣的p-STOs,且三種信念彼此具有關聯性,甚至有衝突的連結。 (二) 教師在不同的教學情境下,展現出截然不同的e-STOs,尤其是教師科學教學與學習信念的面向。(三) 教師在不同教學情境的e-STOs,僅呼應出部份的p-STOs。教師在進行教學規劃時,教學情境有時會凌駕於p-STOs,扮演更重要的教學決策。此外,本研究也顯示教師所面臨科學本質信念融入單元教學規劃的困難性。並討論未來在探討科學教育目的信念與教學實務關聯性時,研究方法上的挑戰。
Science teaching orientations (STOs) are a set of teachers’ beliefs, consisting of beliefs about purposes of science education, beliefs about nature of science, and beliefs about science teaching and learning. Previous studies have pointed out that several teacher beliefs and teaching contexts play a key role in teachers’ pedagogical decision-making. However, it is not clear how STOs, that is, a set of teachers’ beliefs, influence teaching practices in different teaching contexts. This study uses a case-study approach to explore two high school expert physics teachers’ STOs and their relationships with teaching plans in different teaching contexts (for example: featured curriculum V.S. regular subject-domain curriculum). Qualitative data including before- and after-lesson semi-structured interviews and lesson observations were collected. The framework of STOs and contextual factors were utilized to analyze and interpret the teachers’ non-context-specific personal STOs (p-STOs), and to compare their context-specific enacted STOs (e-STOs) in different teaching contexts. The results showed that (1) the two teachers’ p-STOs are sophisticated. The p-STOs components are interrelated with each other and in some cases, in conflict with each other. (2) The teachers held distinct e-STOs in different contexts, especially in their beliefs about science teaching and learning. (3) The teachers’ e-STOs reflect part of their p-STOs. It is noted that in some cases, contextual factors override the teachers’ p-STOs to influence their pedagogical decisions. Moreover, the findings indicated the challenges the teachers encountered when integrating the nature of science in science teaching. Some methodological issues regarding the research on the relationship between teacher beliefs about purposes of science education and teaching practices are discussed.
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