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Title: 應用動態光散射與顯微觀測的微流變技術發展
Microrheometry using Dynamic Light Scattering and Microscopy
Authors: 黃仲仁
Huang, Jung-Ren
Chiu, Hsiang-Chih
Chu, Jing-Ting
Keywords: 流變學
Dynamic Light Scattering
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 我們架設了兩套儀器,可以運用來量測微流變學的資訊。DLS-Microscope同時結合動態光散射與實空間(real space)的觀察,可以量測複雜流體中追蹤粒子的方均位移,藉以推得材料的機械性質。我們量測了水以及74 wt%甘油,發現它們的方均位移正比於時間,符合牛頓流體的性質,並且從方均位移所推得的黏度很接近理論值,證明了我們的儀器校準很成功。我們也用微流變學的方法量測了聚丙烯醯胺水溶液(PAM solution)的複變剪切模數(complex shear modulus),並與流變儀所量得的數據比較,發現兩者的在頻率上的趨勢相似,但在數值大小上有4~10倍的差距。若能推算出等效的追蹤粒子大小,相信能完整重複流變儀的數據。我們也量測了奈米碳管分散液(CNTs dispersion),雖然未將其轉換為微流變學。流變儀結合顯微術,讓我們可以直接觀察材料受到剪切時追蹤粒子的運動軌跡,或甚至是材料本身的結構變化。分析追蹤粒子的方均位移,也可以推得微流變學的資訊。目前試做了愛玉的實驗,數據分析仍有待處理。
We have set up two setsof instruments that can be used to measure microrheological information. DLS-Microscope combines dynamic light scattering and real space observation at the same time, which can measure the mean square displacement of tracking particles in complex fluids, thereby inferring the mechanical properties of materials. We measured water and 74 wt% glycerin and found that their mean square displacement is proportional to time, which is consistent with the properties of Newtonian fluids, and the viscosity derived from the mean square displacement is very close to the theoretical value, which proves that our instrument calibration is successful . We also measured the complex shear modulus of the PAM solution using microrheology method, and compared it with the data measured by the rheometer.We found that the both trend in frequency are similar, but there is a difference of 4 to 10 times in numerical value. If the equivalent tracking particle size can be calculated, it is believed that the rheometer data can be completely repeated. We also measured CNTs dispersion, although it was not converted to microrheology information. The rheometer combined with microscopy allows us to directly observe the movement of particles when the material is sheared, or even the changes in the material itself. Analyzing and tracking the mean square displacement of particles can also deduce microrheological information. At present, we have tried Aiyu's experiment, and the data analysis is still to be processed.
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