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Title: 開發以LabVIEW程式控制的攜帶型人體呼氣感測裝置之研究
Development of Portable Breath Measurement Device Based on LabVIEW Program
Authors: 林震煌
Lin, Cheng-Huang
Lo, Hsu-Feng
Keywords: 自組裝人體呼氣感測裝置
Self-assembly human breath sensing device
Gas sensor
Human breath
Vital capacity
Respiratory quotient
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究透過自行編寫的LabVIEW程式控制自組裝的氣體感測裝置,並利用此裝置對人體的呼氣進行測量。過往在人體呼氣的研究當中,大多是利用氣相層析質譜儀來對樣品進行分析,雖然氣相層析質譜儀有高靈敏度和高解析度等優點,但儀器本身昂貴龐大無法輕易搬運,而且樣品也需要經過複雜的前處理步驟,因此較不適合應用在即時偵測上,所以本研究選擇使用體積較小操作簡單且價格較便宜的氣體感測器,但氣體感測器一般都是使用在環境的濃度測量當中,無法對氣體樣品的量進行測量,因此將氣體感測器與氣哨聲波技術結合,讓自組裝的呼氣感測裝置的定量分析變為可能。 在人體深層肺部呼吸和淺層肺部呼吸的實驗結果發現,當受試者在固定的身體條件下進行不同吹氣量的呼氣測試,其呼出氣體的濃度會和呼氣量呈現線性關係,二氧化碳濃度隨著吹氣量增加而上升,反之,氧氣濃度隨著吹氣量增加而下降,並且藉由觀察二氧化碳濃度的線性斜率來了解身體的耗氧能力,也可以間接得知受試者的心肺能力以及肺活量大小。在人體呼氣中二氧化碳濃度與血糖的相關性探討中,從所有受試者的結果可以發現,在喝下糖水後的60分鐘會達到二氧化碳濃度的最大值,並且在喝下糖水後的120分鐘二氧化碳濃度會回復到正常水平,這些變化和口服糖耐力測試的血糖變化趨勢相同,證明了二氧化碳濃度與血糖的相關性,這些結果對於未來開發非侵入性的血糖檢測方法具有一定的潛力。
In this study, we developed a portable human breath sensing device controlled by LabVIEW program. In the past studies of exhalation, most of them used gas chromatography mass spectrometry to analyze samples. Although the GC-MS is sensitive and resolution, the components are expensive and large. Sample also needs to undergo complicated pre-processing steps, so it is less suitable for real-time detection. We chose to use small size, simple operation, and cheap price gas sensor. However, gas sensors are usually used in the concentration measurement of the environment, and the amount of gas samples cannot be measured. It became possible the gas sensor can allow quantitative analysis because of combined with the whistle sound wave technology. The test of deep and shallow lung breathing found that when subject breath with different insufflation volume under the same body condition, the concentration of exhaled will have a linear relationship with exhalation volume. The carbon dioxide concentration rises with blowing volume. We can also know subject's cardiopulmonary capacity and vital capacity by the linear slope of carbon dioxide. We found after drinking glucose water it will be maximum carbon dioxide concentration in 60 mins, and it will return to normal level in 120 mins. These changes are the same as the blood glucose trend of oral glucose tolerance test. These results prove the correlation between carbon dioxide concentration and blood glucose.
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