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Title: 大學生於科普探究式學習中運用自行創作資訊圖表之接受程度研究
Exploring University Students’ Acceptance of Self-Created Infographics Strategy for Popular Science Inquiry-Based Learning
Authors: 王健華
Wang, Chang-Hwa
Yin, Hsiang
Keywords: 資訊圖表
inquiry-based learning strategy
technology acceptance model
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 科技日新月異,資訊圖表能見度越來越高,其更被廣泛應用於科學知識的教與學。應用資訊圖表於教學能幫助知識理解與提升學習效果,但學習者對資料轉化為資訊圖表的過程不甚理解,會造成對資訊圖表內容誤解、知識接收不足的問題,也缺乏自行轉換知識的能力。本研究運用探究式學習策略,使大學生自行創作科普資訊圖表,藉此發展教學設計,而不同認知風格、不同程度之數位繪圖能力與不同程度之科普先備知識則是影響此學習形式接受度的重要因素,因此本研究使用科技接受模式,採用問卷調查法,將線上問卷發放於大學兩堂通識課程,請修課學生填寫以進行資料收集,共回收71份有效問卷,透過統計分析進而探討大學生於科普探究式學習中運用自行創作資訊圖表之接受程度。 研究結果指出,學習者數位繪圖能力程度與科普先備知識程度越高,對學生自行創作資訊圖表之探究式科普知識學習策略的接受度也越高,反之則越低,而文字型與圖像型認知風格之差異,對此學習形式之接受度則沒有顯著的影響性。本研究希望提供一個適當且可行性高,並能增加知識學習成效的教學設計與學習形式,也推薦給教學設計者及後續研究者參考,使應用資訊圖表之教學更加完善。
With the increasing popularity of electronic devices, infographics become more and more visible. Also, they are used widely in teaching and learning in the fields of science. Implementing infographics for teaching can facilitate understanding while learning, resulting in better learning effectiveness. However, if students do not understand the process of converting data into infographics, they will misunderstand the content or cannot understand it in-depth, and also lack the ability of converting knowledge, thus, they cannot learn by analogy. This research adopts the inquiry-based learning strategy. The teaching design is developed based on the popular science infographics created by the university students themselves. Different cognitive styles, levels of ability of digital drawing, and levels of prior popular science knowledge are important factors that affect the acceptance of this learning form. Therefore, this research is based on the technology acceptance model and uses the questionnaire survey method. The students selected in the two general education courses in the university were asked to answer the online questionnaires. 71 valid retrieved questionnaires were analyzed statistically to explore university students’ acceptance of self-created infographics strategy for popular science inquiry-based learning. The study results indicated students with the higher level of digital drawing ability and prior popular science knowledge, the higher students’ acceptance of self-created infographics strategy for popular science inquiry-based learning, and vice versa. The difference between the verbal and visual cognitive style has no significant influence on the acceptance of this learning form. The proposed approach in this research aims to provide an appropriate and highly feasible teaching design or learning form that can increase the effectiveness of knowledge absorption. Also, it provides a reference for teaching designers and follow-up researchers to make infographics teaching more complete.
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