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Title: 圖像化二維條碼於影音多媒體之整合應用研究—以音樂傳播為例
Exploring the Integrated Application of Aesthetic QR Code in Audio-Visual Multimedia—A Case Study of Music Communication
Authors: 王希俊
Wang, Hsi-Chun
Wen-Pin Hope Lee
Huang, Hsuan-Shuo
Keywords: 美化 QR Code
aesthetic QR Code
nformation hiding
content communication
music communication
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 近年來,訊息傳播方式逐漸由類比走向數位化,音樂方面之傳播也不例外,故透過跨媒體間結合科技來有效傳播內容給閱聽人也是一個重要課題。QR Code 是連接虛擬及真實世界的介面,但其美觀程度仍有精進空間,故本研究將 QR Code 美化並融入於影片中。本研究藉由誤差擴散法將 QR Code 資訊隱藏於三 部常作為音樂傳播之載體影片之角落區域, 並對其「數位檔」及「顯示後再取 像檔」進行讀取及辨識錯誤分析。結果顯示可成功將圖像化二維條碼應用於影片 達成美化及掃碼讀取 QR Code 內容以進行加值應用,也得知較暗影像內容之 QR Code 辨識率會較差,應用時宜避免,並發現「數位檔」及「顯示後再取像 檔」之影像解碼錯誤趨勢有一致性。本研究之結果可使未來 QR Code 在影片的 整合應用得以更快速及方便,未來在產業應用有發展潛力,不僅是幫助音樂傳播, 更是為所有形式之內容傳播開創新的方向與價值。
In recent years, the way of dissemination of content has gradually shifted from analogy to digital, and the dissemination of music is no exception. Combining technology across media to effectively disseminate content to viewers is also an important issue. QR Code is an interface that connects the virtual and real world, but its aesthetics still needed to improve. Therefore, this research beautifies and integrates QR Code into the video. In this study, the Error Diffusion Algorithm is used to hide QR Code information in the corner area of three videos that are often used as the carrier of music communication, and the “ digital image files” and “display-and-captured image files” were read and identified error analysis. The results show that the aesthetic QR Code can be successfully applied to the video and scan the QR Code content for value-added applications. It is also known that the QR Code recognition rate of darker image content will be poor, and it should be avoided in future applications. And found that the decoding error trend of the digital files and display-and-captured files is consistent. The results of this research can make the integration and application of QR Code in videos faster and more convenient in the future, and it has potential for future industrial applications. It is not only to help the dissemination of music, but also to create new directions and values for the dissemination of all forms of content.
Other Identifiers: G060772007H
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