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Title: 服飾搭配社群圖像訊息呈現對資訊串聯影響之研究
The effects of different collocated images of virtual fashion communities on information cascades
Authors: 楊美雪
Yang, Mei-Hsueh
Chen, Chia-Yu
Keywords: 服飾搭配社群
virtual fashion communities
collocated images
information cascades
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 隨著虛擬社群的主題日新月異,以服飾搭配為主題的興起,藉由虛擬社群的機制,時尚潮流消費者能夠抓住當下流行趨勢,掌握最新的服飾搭配技巧,並分享自己的服裝風格。服飾搭配社群的內容主要是視覺上的,其中以圖像為主的訊息更容易受到關注。本研究旨在探討服飾搭配社群中的圖像呈現對資訊串聯之影響,以準實驗法進行,為2(人像:有人像、無人像)× 3(搭配:無搭配、搭配絲巾、搭配絲巾與帽子)雙因子組間設計,共六組實驗組合,依變項為資訊串聯,共90位研究對象。研究結果顯示,人像對資訊串聯具顯著影響;搭配對資訊串聯無顯著影響;人像、搭配兩個變項的交互作用對對資訊串聯並無顯著影響。
With the rise of virtual communities, consumers can readily catch current trends, the latest coordination of outfits, and also share their own dressing styles. The content within these virtual fashion communities is mainly visual. Compared with other virtual communities, the image information presented, especially for collocated images, mainly focuses on the matching of outfits. With user-generated content, these images can induce popular trends of outfit accessorizing. Furthermore, frequent participation and message spreading influences the recipients of other messages. Through the influence of these messages, consumers often form their own behaviors or attitudes, which strongly influence the purchasing behavior of other customers. This study adopts the quasi-experimental method, which is a 2 (Portrait: with model, without model) x2 (Outfit: without matching, with scarf, with scarf and hat) experimental design, with a total of six experimental groups, according to the variable information cascades. The results of the study showed that: 1) portrait has significant effect on information cascades; 2) outfit has no significant effect on information cascades; and 3) portrait and outfit have no interactive effect on information cascades.
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