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Title: LED燈光技術應用於影視製作之個案探討
Two Case Studies: Application of LED Lighting Technology in Film and TV Production
Authors: 劉立行
Liu, Lising
Lin, Ming-Hsin
Keywords: 燈光技術
lighting techniques
LED lighting fixtures
LED display
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 燈光技術在影視製作中,可以說是一個非常重要的元素,燈光能塑造整個節目的氛圍,也能影響節目畫面的品質。因此,燈光技術的呈現,成為影視製作成敗的重要因素。隨著傳播科技的進步,傳統影視製作的攝影棚燈具逐漸更換成LED燈具,本篇技術報告主要探討LED燈具應用於影視製作之實務案例來進行研究分析。 由於全世界綠能概念的提升,影視製作的燈光器材,也必需提高效能並且環保,才能迎合世界的潮流,因此LED燈具已經成為未來的趨勢。但初期LED燈具使用於製作節目的色溫準確度及演色性不足是其最大的問題,並且也容易發生閃爍的狀況。其後,國內外廠商持續研發、改良品質更好的影視用LED燈具,目前燈具的技術已能貼近傳統鹵素燈,許多國內外電視媒體已經開始使用LED燈具來製作節目。希望藉由這篇技術報告,給予新進的燈光從業人員及開發燈具的廠商作為學習及參考。 本研究探討範圍,涵蓋燈具歷史的演進、燈光設備的介紹、燈光設計的方式,以及LED燈具的架設與測試方法,最主要以實務上創作的二個節目為個案分析,進行燈光的設計及測試,來建構出燈光技術的經驗。 最後以實務上的經驗,歸納出影視製作中LED燈光設計的差異性,以及LED顯示屏當作背景的燈光設計方式,說明如何應用LED燈具來創作出高品質的燈光,獲得更高水準的影視畫面。
Lighting techniques are generally considered as highly significant aspects in film and television production. Lighting can create and enhance mood and atmosphere of an entire program, and it can also have an impact on image quality. Therefore, the possibility of utilizing lighting techniques has become an important factor that can help with the success of the film and television production. With the rapid development of information technologies, studio lighting of film and television production has gradually been replaced with LED lighting fixtures. In light of this, this technical report mainly explores practical cases of LED lighting fixtures employed in film and television production for research analysis. Owing to the advancement of the concept of green energy worldwide, the lighting equipment for film and television production must not only improve its effectiveness but also be eco-friendly so as to cater for the world trend. Consequently, there is an increasing awareness that the utilization of LED lighting fixtures has become a future trend. Nevertheless, in addition to their lack of color temperature accuracy and color rendering in the initial stage of program production, which causes the most severe problem, they are also prone to flicker. Consequently, domestic and foreign manufacturers continue to improve the quality of LED lighting fixtures for film and television, and its current lighting technology has been very close to that of traditional halogen lamps. In the present, many domestic and foreign TV media have begun to use LED lighting fixtures to produce programs. It is hoped that this technical report will make recommendations for new lighting practitioners and manufacturers and suggest an outline for future learning and research. This research study endeavors to explore all aspects of the field which includes the evolution of lighting history, the introduction of lighting equipment, the choices of lighting design, and the erection and testing methods of LED lighting fixtures. It adopts two case studies selected from practical program creation as the main approach for lighting design and testing to construct the lighting technical experience. Finally, based on practical experience, the differences in LED lighting designs and lighting design methods with LED display as background in film and television production are summarized. This study concludes by making recommendations based on the findings, suggesting how to use LED lighting fixtures to create high-quality lighting and achieve higher-level film and television images.
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