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Title: 網路原生廣告對銀髮族消費影響意願之研究
A Study of Internet Native Advertising for Seniors Consumption Intention
Authors: 劉立行
Liu, Li-Sing
Chen, Hsiu-Yi
Keywords: 銀髮族
social media
native advertising
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 隨著全球人口結構變化,臺灣加速朝向高齡化、少子化社會發展,銀髮族成為未來最具有錢力的消費者;加上近年網路及行動載具普及化,造成大眾行為習慣改變,例:資訊隨手可得、電子商務崛起等…銀髮族購物行為的改變也是其中一環,因此業者開始關注這個市場,銀髮族的行為與需求備受矚目。在網路行銷中,網路原生廣告的生成不到10年,與傳統廣告及其他網路廣告相比年輕許多,原生廣告一詞也因平台不同而衍生出多種名稱,且形式不斷再轉變。國內探討網路原生廣告的研究不多,對於網路原生廣告與銀髮族的相關研究甚少,因此本研究將透過內容分析法及次級資料分析法,以入口網站、健康類網站及影音網站的原生廣告為研究對象,結果顯示銀髮族在使用網路期間觸及的原生廣告以「圖片及文字」呈現方式為最多、廣告內容訴求「感性」大於「理性」及廣告知覺價值構面「娛樂性」最多,廣告產品類別以「食品保健」類商品為最大宗。以商品類型而言,與銀髮族消費趨勢一致,期研究結果及建議,以俾利銀髮族相關產業在購買網路原生廣告時作為參考依據。
Along with the variety of the global population structure, it speeds up towards aging and low birth rate society development in Taiwan. Seniors become daring to spend money consumers in the future. In addition, network and mobile vehicles popularized recent years, and they make change for the habit of mass behavior. For instance, information can obtain available, electronic commerce(e-commerce) rise abruptly, and so on. The changes of seniors shopping behavior are included. Therefore, the traders start to pay close attention the market, and the behavior and demands of the seniors received high attention. Among the network marketing, the birth of the network native advertising are less than ten years. They are younger than traditional advertisements and other digital advertisements. Native advertising also derived many related names because of different platforms. Their forms changed continuously until now. The domestic researches of network native advertising are rare. Furthermore, the relative researches of network native advertising and seniors are less. Therefore, this research will take the native advertising of the portal site, health website and audiovisual website as the research target through the content analysis and secondary data analysis. The results show the seniors touch native advertising with the ways of presenting of the " image and text " for the most during they use the net. The contents of advertisements appeal the " perceptual " more than the " rationality " and advertising perceived value facets for entertaining the most. The category of advertisements products for the food health category the biggest. In terms of product types is consistent with the consumption trends of the seniors. I expect the results and suggestions of the research can benefit for the seniors relative industry to purchase network native advertising as a reference.
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