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Title: 使用層級分析法探討設計智慧喇叭的評估模式
Analysis of Smart Speaker Design Evaluation Model Based on Analytic Hierarchy Program
Authors: 蘇友珊
Hsia, Jung-Hsien
Keywords: 智慧喇叭
Smart Speakers
Artificial Intelligence
Product Design
AHP method
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract:   智慧喇叭是當今在消費電子市場中增長最快的智慧型裝置之一,也是繼智慧型手機以及智慧型手錶之後的一大亮點,它也是同時擁有通訊與家電元素的智慧裝置,對於研發製造商來說是個不可多得的機會,可以同時橫跨兩個產品的領域,潛在的獲利能力不可小覷。本研究透過整合消費者需求、使用者需求理論以及產品設計經驗,發展出五大構面,分別為造型要素、造型意象、吸引力、附加價值、功能屬性,來探討設計智慧喇叭的評估模式。   本研究問卷發放對象為消費性電子產業界中具備研發、計畫、管理相關背景之16位專家。利用層級分析法 (AHP) ,評估智慧喇叭的設計架構,構面之間與準則之間的權重關係,判斷智慧喇叭設計要素優先發展的順序。   本研究結果得知五大構面中以功能屬性為優先發展之重點項目。五大構面底下準則之優先發展的設計要素分述如後:一、造型要素構面下為組成形式;二、造型意象為科技感;三、吸引力構面下為語意性的吸引力;四、附加價值構面下為流行文化;五、功能屬性為高音質音樂撥放。本研究結果可為智慧喇叭設計的評估發展提供未來方向。
  Nowadays, The Smart Speaker, which sales volume is one of the fastest growing in the smart devices market. Meanwhile, Also a device with combine communication and home appliance features. Therefore, the potential profitability of smart speaker which span two different target customers can't be underestimated. Through the integration of consumer demand, user demand theory and product design experience, that to explore the evaluation mode of smart speaker’s design. In this research, the results shown five major facets of smart speaker, namely modeling elements, modeling images, attractiveness, added value, and functional attributes. The questionnaire for this research was distributed to 16 experts whom in different areas of expertise, such as consumer electronics industry, R&D engineer, project manager and medical industry etc. Simultaneously, the order of priority development of the smart speaker design elements has been determined successfully by using AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) method in this article. The five criteria for the smart speaker development of design elements are developed in the following order: 1. The composition with the modeling elements is a form of different style; 2. The imagery must be a sense of science or technology; 3. The attractiveness should be semantic appeal; 4. The pop culture as in added value; 5. The functions of speaker must include high sound quality playback. Thus, the results of this study can be a future direction for the evaluation and development of smart speaker design.
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