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Title: 基於層級分析法探討虛擬實境顧客接受度與創新需求之研究
Research on the VR Customer Acceptance and Innovation Required Based on the AHP Analysis
Authors: 許全守
Ho, Chih-Wei
Keywords: 虛擬實境
Virtual reality
customer acceptance
Analytic Hierarchy Process
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 隨著5G和AI的精熟與發展,虛擬實境(Virtual Reality,VR)在休閒與娛樂產業之應用將創造無限商機,為廠家不容忽視的一環。本研究基於當前臺灣VR市場之推廣與發展,由頭戴式顯示器(Head Mounted Display, HMD)切入探討顧客接受虛擬實境-頭戴式顯示器(VR-HMD)之關注與創新之需求,提供廠家對準市場氛圍,開發設計符應與鳩受之價值對擴展市場的產品與功能,營造更優勢商機與產品價值。爰此,本研究以顧客導向之體驗感受為核心,對市場使用者體驗VR-HMD的接受度與創新需求調查,企圖提供開發與設計者,參酌以掌握市場脈動和研發方向。 本研究依文獻分析與專家徵詢建立VR-HMD顧客之使用接受度與創新需求之基礎,分有:「人性化」、「便利性」、「性價比」、「獨特性」及「綠色設計」歷經三次滾動式專家之檢核與專業之投入,完成五構面28要項之結構化接受度和開放式創新需求組合的半結構化調查問卷。借2019年台北國際電玩展與電腦展,由研究者親臨現場對具使用者經驗之訪客進行調查,歷經兩展期九天累計63小時,完成65份調查問卷,經一致性檢定後獲得有效問卷計有30份,經層級分析法分析,獲致VR-HMD顧客接受度以人性化之權重為最高(0.313),其次為性價比(0.233),最低為便利性(0.108)。各個構面之要項權重,最高的前五項分別為:人性化之操作上的安全性、配戴裝置的重量、配戴裝置的舒適性、裝置符合個人使用的習慣以及獨特性之具有使用他廠遊戲平台的高相容性。相對地,也獲致12項創新需求,據以提供開發設計或改善之VR-HMD廠商參考。
With the development of 5G and AI, Virtual Reality (VR) will create business opportunities in the application of the leisure and entertainment industry, It is a part of the company that can’t be concerned. Based on the current promotion and development of the VR market in Taiwan, this study explores the innovative needs of customers to accept virtual reality head mounted displays (VR-HMD). Provide manufacturers to market, develop the value of design to expand the products and functions of the market, and create more advantageous business opportunities and product value. Therefore, this research focuses on the customers’ experience, and explores the acceptance and innovation needs of market users to experienced VR-HMD, providing developers and designers to learn about market pulsation and research and development. In the 2019 Taipei International Game Show and Computer Show, a survey of visitors was conducted by researchers. After two exhibitions totaling 63 hours in nine days, 65 questionnaires were completed, and 30 valid questionnaires were used. After AHP analysis, The highest of the acceptance within five areas is with humanization (0.313), and the price/performance ratio is second (0.233) and the lowest is convenience (0.108). Within the weight of each item of the areas, the top five items are: Humanized area's operational safety (0.0753), wearing device weight (0.0573), wearing device comfort (0.0544), device compliance with personal use (0.0487), and unique area's high compatibility with other company gaming platforms. Relatively, In the field of innovation needs, we also received 12 innovation requirements, providing reference for the development or design or improvement of VR-HMD vendors.
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