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Title: 學務創新人力工作任務現況探討-以臺北市公立高級中等學校為例
A Studys on Tasks of Student Affairs Innovation Manpower in Taipei Municipal Senior High Schools
Authors: 郭金國
Guo, Jin-Guo
Liang, Wei-Chen
Keywords: 學務創新人力
student Affairs innovation manpowers
military training instructors
task analysis
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 立法院於2015年決議通過軍訓教官退出校園後,其校園安全與學生輔導問題逐漸衍生,為能守護校園安全及學生受教權益,教育部推動學務創新人力制度替代軍訓教官職位,本研究藉由任務分析探討臺北市公立高級中學學務創新人力能否勝任校園安全及學校賦予之各項工作,並以問卷普查方式調查共計11所學校,有效樣本為504人,進行「學務創新人力工作任務分析之研究調查問卷」施測。所得量化資料以SPSS 22統計軟體進行分析,另以描述性統計進行背景分析、獨立樣本t檢定、單因子變異數及多元迴歸進行分析,綜合本研究之發現,結論及建議如下: 一、經本研究發現當前臺北市公立高級中學受訪教職員對於學務創新人力具有相當期待性,惟透由學務創新人力值勤情況與部分期待仍有落差,盼本制度延續數年後仍有更多教育者投入研究及建議,俾以作為教育行政機關、學校及社會人士參考。 二、發現臺北市各公立高級中學因背景變項條件不同,如部分軍訓教官制度併行學校,使不同學校教職員對於校安表現情況評價褒貶不一,係源於招聘制度、培訓方式、人力編配不均及福利待遇等問題。 三、建議透由教育局主動協助所屬學校完成新進人員業務熟悉後,建立種子輔導體制,進而由各校相互探討及執行窒礙問題陳列,以達到校安事件標準處置流程規範,並對於校園輔導及安全等重大勤務,安排不同種類的課程及實施專案研討,盼以延續教官積極、務實、服務之精神。
After Legislative Yuan decided to withdraw military instructors from the campus in 2015, the issues related to campus safety gradually emerge. To avoid impacting on the campus safety, the Ministry of Education promoted the student Affairs innovation manpower. This study will focus on whether the academic innovation manpower can be qualified for their work assigned by the school.The syudy collects 504 effective samples and uses SPSS 22 to analyze the data through independent-sample t test, one-way ANOVA and multiple regression.The results and suggestions were as follows below: 1. Student Affairs innovation manpowers are highly expected, but there is still a gap existing between work performances and work expectations. 2.The comments on academic innovation manpowers in Public high schools in Taipei City are different due to individual backgrounds. For example, in some schools existing military training instructors and academic innovation manpowers at the same time are different. The differences results from work recruitment, training methods, manpower allocation and welfare. 3.Education authorities should develop a stable model of academic innovation manpower in certain schools and then implement each public high school in Taipei City. In addition, important issues like life counseling and campus safety should be contained in periodical training lessons as to sustain pragmatic, and proactive spirits and service attitude from military training instructors.
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