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Title: 虛擬實境應用對光纖接續技能學習影響之研究
Research on the Influence of Virtual Reality Application on Fiber Connection Skill Learning
Authors: 張玉山
Chang, Yu-Shan
Hwang, Li-Ling
Keywords: 虛擬實境
virtual reality
skill learning
skill learning process
fiber connection
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究主要探討虛擬實境應用對光纖接續技能學習的影響。研究目的為探討虛擬實境應用對光纖接續技能學習,學員在1.整體學習成效、 2.技能學習不同層次的效果、 3.技能學習歷程(認知期、定位期、自動期)等三面向的影響。 本研究以個案公司客網纜線組新進人員為對象,採準實驗研究法,隨機分配為對照組及實驗組,對照組及實驗組接受一般傳統教學外,實驗組再接受VR教學,並以光纜術科實作測驗、Simpson技能層次評量表、技能學習歷程錄影進行行為序列分析。資料蒐集後,進行質化資料分析闡明結果,量化資料以t檢定來探討其影響與差異。 本研究主要結論如下: 1.虛擬實境應用能有效提升學員整體學習成效;2.虛擬實境應用對技能學習不同層次部分有顯著影響;3.虛擬實境應用對技能學習歷程(認知期、定位期、自動期)有顯著影響。本研究依據研究發現與結論,針對虛擬實境在專業技能學習教學中的應用,提出建議事項。
This study mainly discussed the impact of virtual reality applications on fiber connection skills learning. The purpose of the study was to explore the application of virtual reality applications on fiber connection skills learning. There were three aspects of skill learning discussed in this study: 1. overall skill learning effectiveness, 2. different levels of skill learning effects, 3. skills learning process(cognition phase, fixation phase, and autonomous phase). In this case company, the newcomers in the customer network cable group were taken as the object. The quasi-experimental research method was adopted and randomly assigned to the control group and the experimental group. In addition to the general traditional teaching, and the experimental group received VR teaching. The behavioral sequence analysis was carried out with the practical test of the optical cable connection, Simpson’s Psychomotor Domain Assessment, and the video of the skill learning process. Qualitative data was analyzed to clarify the results, and quantitative data was used to examine the impact and differences by t test. Those main conclusions were: 1. Virtual reality application effectively improved the overall skill learning effectiveness of students; 2. Virtual reality application had a significant impact on different levels of skills learning; 3. Virtual reality application had a significant impact on skills learning process (cognition phase, fixation phase, and autonomous phase). Based on the research findings and conclusions, this study proposed recommendations for the application of virtual reality in professional skills learning and teaching.
Other Identifiers: G0006712107
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