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Title: 財產保險業外派人員職能重要性與表現度分析
An Importance and Performance Analysis of the Expatriate’s Competency in the Property Insurance Industry
Authors: 李隆盛
Lee, Lung-Sheng
Chen, Yung-Pei
Keywords: 財產保險業
property insurance
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 全球化及國際化快速發展,許多企業紛移向國外市場開拓經濟,因應海外市場拓展,但對於母公司外派至海外要找到合適的外派人員為公司開拓市場實是件不容易。本研究目的在了解財產保險業外派人員的角色與職責、應具備職能及職能缺口。本研究依文獻探討及專家審查法,借重美國勞工部就業訓練局(ETA)推動的職能積木模式,建立財產保險業外派人員職能重要性與表現度問卷,並以標的產業中近兩年市占率第一及規模最大之個案公司的118名外派人員為調查對象,採線上問卷調查法。回收問卷資料經分析各項應備職能之重要性及表現性,找出目前職能缺口,結果發現「自信心」、「解決問題」、「會談協商」和「利益談判」4項職能缺口,需積極投入改善,以提升員工和部門績效。研究結果可供財產保險業未來在招募、訓練、考核外派人員與規劃其職涯發展時之參考。
With the rapid development of globalization and internationalization, many companies have moved to open up their economies to foreign markets. In response to the expansion of overseas markets, the parent company is not easy to find suitable expatriates to open up foreign markets for itself. The purpose of this study was to understand the roles, responsibilities, competencies and competency gaps of expatriates in the property insurance industry. Based on a literature review and an expert review, this study employed the competency building block model promoted by the Employment Training Authority (ETA), U.S. Department of Labor to establish the competency importance and performance of the property insurance industry expatriates. A case company in the target industry, which has the largest market share in recent two years, was selected. The 118 expatriates of the case company were surveyed with online questionnaire. The statistical data of the questionnaires were used to analyze the importance and performance of each of the competencies. Consequently, the following competency gaps required active improvement to help employees and their departments increase their performance are found: self-confidence, problem solving , conversation negotiation and interests negotiation. The study results can serve as a reference for the future development of the property insurance industry in recruiting, training and evaluating expatriates and planning their career development.
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