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Title: 建構「客家知識體系」之探析:以客委會獎助客家研究優良博碩士論文(民國92-107年度)為中心
Authors: 邱榮裕
Chiu, Rong-Yuch
Chen, Jia-Hong
Bai, Shiuan
Keywords: 建構客家知識體系
The development of Hakka knowledge system
Hakka studies
Outstanding theses and dissertations on Hakka studies awarded from Hakka Affairs Council
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract:   本文旨在以釐清「客委會獎助客家研究優良博碩士論文」對於建構「客家知識體系」扮演何種角色、做出何種貢獻。   為達此目的,本文首先從該獎助計畫政策面與執行面著手,還原了政策產生的時空背景,再呈現歷年作業方式、獎助件數與金額的變遷,並試圖找出影響政策制定與執行之因素。   接著,本文依照歷年獎助成果將獎助政策分為三期,並依序呈現各年度、各分期中獎助論文之學科方法、議題焦點分布,以勾勒共 823 篇獎助論文呈現了何種「客家研究 」面貌,並指出其趨勢。   最後,本文梳理了晚近學界對於「客家研究」(Hakka studies)、「客家學」(Hakkaology)以及「客家知識體系」概念意義之論辯,並在前文的基礎上將「客委會獎助客家研究優良博碩士論文」置於建構「客家知識體系」的脈絡中,討論其扮演何種角色、做出何種貢獻。   「結論」除了總結本文研究成果,尚有「政策建議」一節,係從本文研究成果出發,對客委會「獎助客家研究優良博碩士論文」以及「發展客家知識體系」等政策提出未來展望與建議,供其參考與應用。
The purpose of the study is to examine the role of outstanding theses and dissertations on Hakka studies and their contribution to the development of Hakka knowledge system. The first chapter of the study explores the implementation and the policy of Hakka research grants under different circumstances. In an attempt to discover the influential factors of the policy formulation and implementa-tion, it presents how the methods of operation, the number, and the award amount of research grants have changed over time. The development of the policy regarding research grants is divided into three stages according to different results. In order to describe the trend and the representation of outstanding theses and dissertations in Hakka studies, the research methods and topics of those outstanding theses and dissertations are demonstrated and analyzed in each stage with a total number of 823 pieces of work. The final chapter of the study reviews the discussion among Hakka studies, Hakkaology, and the concept of Hakka knowledge system in the recent Hakka academic field. Finally, based on the analysis and the findings above, the study attempts to achieve the aim of determining the role out-standing theses and dissertations on Hakka studies play in the development of Hakka knowledge system and their contribution toward Hakka knowledge system. The conclusion provides a summary of the results and a section of Policy Recommendation. As a reference, potential implications and suggestions are proposed for Hakka Affairs Council with regards to subsidizing out-standing theses and dissertations on Hakka studies and formulating poli-cies of Hakka knowledge system.
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