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Title: 家族系統排列應用於督導情境的受督者學習經驗之研究
Other Titles: Learning Experiences of Counselors Supervised with a Family Constellation
Authors: 吳珍梅
Jen-Mei Wu
Shu-Chu Cho
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究運用伯特.海寧格(Bert Hellinger)所創立的家族系統排列方式,來探究諮商師學習家族系統觀的受督經驗。研究中邀請3名駐地實習諮商師接受6週18場次的團體家族系統排列督導,蒐集每一場次督導後受督者的深度訪談資料,進行質性分析。研究結果顯示,一、受督者學習家族系統觀的經驗與內涵包括:納入家族系統下的個案概念化、體驗家族系統排列的場景與功能、覺察諮商互動與家庭動力、轉化諮商行動與實踐學習四大類別。二、在家族系統排列督導下的學習歷程包括:(一)初期為發展以個案為焦點的系統思維;(二)中期為以諮商師為焦點的專業敏察;(三)後期為以諮商關係為焦點的系統實踐。最後,本研究從後設認知的系統學習,從受督者自我的家庭經驗覺察,從行動實踐的督導模式等議題進行討論,提出未來研究建議。
The purpose of this study is to understand individual counselor's learning experiences of being supervised with the family system constellations founded by Bert Hellinger. Three intern counselors were supervised with the group family system framework for 18 times in six weeks. Using a qualitative research method, data of the 18 in-depth interviews with the supervisees were collected for content analysis.Results showed that the counseling interns learned the following contents from the family system framework: 1. applying the family system framework in case conceptualization; 2. experiencing the scenes and functions of the family constellations; 3. awareness of the counseling interactions and family dynamics; and 4. transforming actions into practices. Moreover, the learning process of family systems approach started with focusing on the client at the beginning, then the counselor, and then the counseling relationship at the end. Finally, we provided suggestions for future research around systematic learning of meta-cognition, supervisees' awareness of family of origin experiences, and supervision models of actions and practices.
Other Identifiers: 32BA1237-4E70-6AE7-F96D-CC0AE7074309
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