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Title: 五星級酒店服務品質與顧客滿意度之研究-以台北市A酒店為例
The Study on Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Five Star Hotels–The Case of Taipei A Hotel
Authors: 沈永正
Shen, Yung-Cheng
Lee, Ya-Hsuan
Keywords: 國際觀光旅館
International Tourist Hotel
Customer Satisfaction
Service Quality
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究旨針對台北市A飯店為例,研究對象為曾經入住過飯店之顧客。利用集團總部系統自動發放之問卷調查,來探討消費者在體驗過飯店所提供之服務與硬體設備後所做的調查分析,藉以找出主要服務缺口並提出改善建議,問卷之總樣本數共計5619筆。研究方法採用服務品質模型來分析顧客滿意度調查與柏拉圖分析來探討飯店所關注之五大指標,透過兩種分析方式交叉比對進行研究。 研究結果顯示凡入住過飯店之顧客對於服務品質絕大多數皆給予正向回饋。然而本研究主要探討服務中所發生之缺失並提供改善方案,故針對負向回饋所得之研究歸納如下: 一、良好的服務接觸可直接影響顧客回購率,做比顧客需要的再多一點點,足 以讓顧客從「不滿、滿意、感謝,而到感動」。 二、完善的教育訓練與正確的應對態度來提升服務過程中產生的缺失。 三、處理顧客抱怨時應保持著謹慎的態度面對並妥善處理,讓顧客感受到尊重 與誠意。 四、實體環境、服務人員與服務流程為服務品質構面之重要元素,飯店在維護 顧客關係中需同時朝此三大構面著手。
The purpose of this study is to take Taipei A Hotel as an example, and the research object is customers who have stayed in the hotel. To utilize the questionnaire survey automatically issued by the group headquarters system to explore the survey analysis made by consumers after experiencing the services and hardware equipment provided by the hotel, in order to identify major service gaps and make suggestions for improvement. The total number of samples in the questionnaire is 5619. The research method uses the Service Quality Model to analyze the customer satisfaction survey and the Pareto Analysis to investigate the five major indicators of concern to the hotel, and conducts the research through cross-comparison through two analysis methods. The result of the study shows that most customers who have stayed in the hotel give positive feedback on the quality of service. However, this study mainly discusses the deficiencies in the service and provides improvements. Therefore, the research on negative feedback is summarized as follows: 1.The good service contact can directly affect the customer's repurchase rate. Doing a little more than the customer needs is enough to let the customer move from "dissatisfaction, satisfaction, gratitude, and touch". 2.The consummate education and training and correct coping attitude to improve the deficiencies in the service process. 3.When dealing with customer complaints, you should maintain a cautious attitude and deal with them properly, so that customers feel respect and sincerity. 4.The physical environment, service personnel and service processes are important elements of the service quality aspect, and the hotel needs to address these three aspects at the same time in maintaining customer relations.
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