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Title: 中小型磁磚公司代理商之經營策略:單一個案研究
The business strategy of the small and medium‑sized tile agent : A single case study
Authors: 康敏平
Kang, Min-Ping
Keywords: 磁磚產業
tile industry
Porter’s five forces analysis
business type
strategic posture analysis
grounded theory
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 絕大多數的中小型磁磚公司,依服務客戶的不同而發展出不同的商業型態。全方位的採購供應鏈是核心價值,訂定對的策略及管理才能創造更好的獲利。本研究即透過個案公司近年來成交的17個專案來做分析與探討,依專案類型、採購流程、產品組合、關鍵成功因素提出了研究結果,結論如下: 1. 由主力的商業空間客戶中,審視交易流程、創價流程,從中挑選目標客戶。 2. 發包流程前與發包流程後都以設計導向為主軸的客戶,是重點客戶。 3. 決策集中,決策流程簡化且不斷複製成功經驗的小型商業空間,能夠擁有好的獲利。 4. 運用創意性的產品組合搭配個案公司自辦或OEM商品,才能夠跳脫紅海市場。 5. 不論是哪種類型的專案,發包流程前的設計規畫能提早佈局,絕對是致勝關鍵。 本研究的重點在於個案公司的專案經驗分析整理,藉以提供中小型磁磚公司代理商之經營策略。
The vast majority of small and medium-sized tile companies develop different business types based on the customers they serve. A comprehensive procurement supply chain is the core value. Only when right strategies and management are conducted can higher profit be obtained. This study analyzed and investigated 17 completed projects of the case company in recent years. The research results were proposed based on project types, procurement process, product portfolio, and key success factors. The conclusions are as follows: 1. From the major business space clients, one should review the trade procedure and value creation procedure and from them, select target clients. 2. Clients who are design-oriented both before and after the outsourcing process are the key clients. 3. Decision concentration: small business spaces which simplify decision procedures and keep reproducing successful experience can make desirable profit. 4. Only by using creative product portfolio mixed with the case company’s self-produced or OEM products can a company raise above the red ocean market. 5. No matter which type of project it is, a key to success is to plot the design planning before the outsourcing procedure. The major point of this study lies in analyzing and organizing the project experience of the case company, thereby providing business strategies for small and medium‑sized tile company agents.
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