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Title: 串流音樂權利金公平及透明機制建立之探討—以區塊鏈應用為分析觀點
Research on Establishment of Fair and Transparent Mechanism for Streaming Music Royalties— An Analysis from the View of Blockchain Application
Authors: 董澤平
Dong, Tse-Ping
Chen, Guan-Zhen
Keywords: 區塊鏈
distributed ledger technology
smart contract
streaming music
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 串流音樂的崛起,為音樂產業帶來前所未見的衝擊。想像中,串流音樂平台的出現會使得更多音樂創作者得到被關注的機會,進而改善音樂創作者收入情況、創作環境等,但實際情況似乎不完全是如此。 本文以音樂創作者為本位,探討串流音樂平台的著作權權利金分潤機制之缺失,如串流音樂雖蓬勃發展,卻未給予音樂創作者公平報酬及透明報酬,剖析其中造成兩現象之可能成因,原因導向於串流音樂平台著作權權利金分潤計算無法符合音樂創作者之成本效益,進而導致音樂創作者無法獲得公平報酬,及串流音樂平台因著作權權利金金流不透明及著作權歸屬資訊不透明之原因,導致音樂創作者無法獲得透明報酬。 兩現象也間接顯示現行的著作權權利金分潤機制仍有許多弊病,透過區塊鏈的智能合約及分散式帳本等工具,可望改善權利金分潤公平及透明之問題,解決串流音樂平台及音樂創作者間長年以來的利益糾紛,並透過建立完整、公平化及透明化之著作權權利金分潤機制,為音樂創作者找回遲來的正義。 為進行更詳盡的資料收集與研究分析,本研究邀請音樂創作者、音樂區塊鏈計畫之相關工作人員及區塊鏈專家進行訪談,結果發現區塊鏈確實能改善權利金分潤公平及透明之問題,為音樂創作者帶來完全的效益,但改善之餘也同時面臨著區塊鏈技術問題及串流音樂產業問題席捲而來。為此,研究者認為無論挑戰何如,「千里之行,始於足下」,串流音樂產業需要改變才能更好!
The rise of streaming music has had an unprecedented impact on the music industry. In imagination, the emergence of streaming music will allow more songwriters to have the opportunity to be followed, and then improve their income situation, etc., but the actual situation is not exactly like this. The thesis focuses on the songwriters and discusses the lack of royalties distributing mechanism of streaming music platforms. For example, although streaming music is booming, it doesn’t give songwriters fair and transparent rewards. The possible causes are the calculation of the streaming music royalties can’t achieve the cost-effectiveness of the songwriters, nontransparent cash flow of royalties, and nontransparent copyright information. The two phenomena also indirectly show that there are still many faults in the current royalty distribution mechanism. Through the use of blockchain smart contracts and distributed ledger technology, the two phenomena can be improved. And through blockchain can restore the belated justice for songwriters. To collect more detailed data and research analysis, the thesis invited songwriters, the music blockchain project staffs and blockchain experts to interview and found that blockchain can improve the problem of fairness and transparency in the distribution of royalties to help songwriters get complete benefits, but while improving, it is also facing the problems of blockchain technology and streaming music industry. In the end, the author believes that no matter what the challenge is, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step", the streaming music industry needs to change to be better!
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