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Title: 服務失誤分析:以台灣某一家語言學院為例
An analysis of service failures: using a language institute in Taiwan as an example
Authors: 沈永正
Shen, Yong-Zheng
Sharypova, Nataliia
Keywords: none
service failure
service recovery
gaps model
service encounter
customer journey
service blueprint
customer satisfaction
Mandarin Training Center
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: none
Front desk service at educational institutions is poorly explored, therefore researcher wanted to work on this topic and adjust the information about educational spheres. This study analyzes service failures at MTC and investigates how to reach service recovery. To answer this question, the author conducted observation at Chinese language center and observed 147 cases. The data was reviewed in accordance with service blueprint, customer’s journey, SERVQUAL and gaps model, and it was found out, that mostly MTC faces Design and standard and Performance gaps. The results obtained from observation form showed the existence of several critical service failures: promptness of responding student’s question, long queue, shifting responsibilities among the employees and relevance of front desk’s answers. It is advised to follow 5 steps to improve its service quality at MTC: provide standardized guidelines for each employee in the office, arrange training for employees, set additional clear signage in the office, consider rewarding system by using customer satisfaction devices and make some rearrangements with employees’ responsibilities and office space.
Other Identifiers: G060755033O
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