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Titel: 臺灣Y世代與Z世代美妝產業市場區隔之研究
Market Segmentation of Generation Y and Z in Taiwan for the Cosmetic Industry
Autoren: 沈永正
Yong-Zheng Shen
Xibri, Blerta
Xibri, Blerta
Stichwörter: none
market segmentation
generation Y
generation Z
cosmetic industry
generation Y and Z in Taiwan
Erscheinungsdatum: 2020
Zusammenfassung: none
This study focuses on generational lifestyle in Taiwan. More precisely, this paper has the purpose to define market segments regarding generation Y and generation Z for the cosmetic industry. The market segmentation of both generations is used as a basis to further build a comparison. A quantitative method was used to get data for this research. A questionnaire was developed to conduct this research and define different purchase groups among these two generations in order for marketers to better tackle and tailor their targeting strategies accordingly. The generations’ behaviour and interests towards cosmetics is further analysed concluding in different market segments which are then used to compare the characteristics that generation Y and Z present. The first part of this thesis explores literature concerning the cosmetic industry, market segmentation approaches and already observed characteristics of each generation. The second part consists in data analysis using the questionnaire for gathering the data and further investigating it through SPSS as a statistical tool.
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