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Title: 兩種影片分享方式:直接分享或附加分享
Two forms of sharing online video: direct or attached
Authors: 張佳榮
Chang, Chia-Jung
Chiu, Yi-Heng
Keywords: sharing online video
regulatory mode
sharing online video
regulatory mode
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: None
People spend more time on online video watching and also making. Companies invest more and more resources into this new media for marketing purpose. This research fo-cuses on two ways that people share online video, direct share and attached share. Based on social influence theory, this research indicates that assessment-oriented people tend to do attached share, and locomotion-oriented people tend to do direct share. And also, this research tests the mediation role of self-disclosure between regulatory mode and sharing behavior. The findings address a research gap of people’s choice of two different ways to share online videos. And the linkage between regulatory mode and self-disclosure was also revealed. For practical implication, marketers and creators could have different strat-egy to promote or make voice online. Also, platform could adjust mechanisms of recom-mendation and provide more accurate promotion plan to customers.
Other Identifiers: G060655017O
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