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Title: 新產品開發人員之機會辨識能力量表發展
Self-assessment Scale-Opportunity Identification of New Product Developer
Authors: 吳彥濬
Wu, Yen-Chun
Jheng, Sih-Ruei
Keywords: 量表發展
Self-assessment Scale
Opportunity Identification
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究目的為發展新產品開發人員之機會辨識能力量表。在文獻蒐集階段,發現機會辨識能力來自類似於「創業警覺性」的特質,其中包含了人格特質、社交網絡、過去經驗與市場感知的要素;而此研究的量表題目來自於過去相關文獻中,針對個別構面提出的變數,加以重新整理歸納而成。 前測與後測的研究對象分別為(1)新產品開發相關領域且具備工作經驗者103位、(2)具備或曾經有正職工作經驗者435位。信效度分析主要透過前測的項目分析、探索性因素分析與內部一致性驗證;後測的敘述統計、項目分析與驗證性因素分析。研究結果顯示,此研究之量表可作為初步判斷個人是否具備機會辨識能力的工具。 除了量表發展,藉由比較樣本資料發現:一、有相關工作經驗者高分群人數較多、無相關工作經驗者低分群人數較多;二、有相關工作經驗者的總分平均值在任何工作年資區間,皆高於無相關工作經驗者,說明著機會辨識能力很可能是不可取代的先天條件,以期未來研究者深入探討。
The purpose of the research is developing a self-assessment scale for identifying opportunities of new products. Through literature review, it is found that the ability to recognize opportunity comes from traits similar to "entrepreneurial alertness", which includes four elements of personality traits, social networks, prior experience, and market perception. The research objects of the pre-test and pro-test were respectively (1) 103 people with work experience in the field of new product development, and (2) 435 people with full-time work experience. In the pre-test, the question items of the scale are reduced to 13 items through item analysis, factor analysis and internal consistency verification. The pro-test adds confirmatory factor analysis to verify the relevance of the items and the research topic. Finally, completing the self-assessment scale—opportunity identification of new product developer. Moreover, those with relevant work experience have more high-level groups, and those without relevant work experience have more low-level groups. Secondly, the average total score of those with relevant work experience is higher than those without relevant work experience in any age group. However, the ability of opportunity identification is significant between freshman and senior workers. To sum up, the self-assessment scale can be simple evaluating tool for people who want to do the job of market development, brand development and so on.
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