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Title: 企業社會責任之投資報酬率—以師大女子運動代表隊為例
Social Investment Return Rate of Corporate Social Responsibility: Taking the Women's Sports Team of Normal University as an Example
Authors: 康敏平
Kang, Min-Ping
Lu, Yu-tung
Keywords: 企業社會責任
corporate social responsibilities
social return on investment(SROI)
social responsibilities
school sports team
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 現在的企業注重企業社會責任的落實,在落實社會責任的同時,又希望能夠 獲得報酬,因此現在世界企業的趨勢是使用社會投資報酬率 SROI 去計算企業在 落實企業社會責任所能獲得多少的社會投資報酬率。在台灣,也有許多企業都使 用 SROI 來計算他們的社會投資報酬率,但根據各個企業每年所產生出來的年度 報告書中,發現各個企業在體壇上的參與較少,原因是因為,想要發展體育,必 須花費大把的金錢,但是在成效上,不一定比其他落實社會責任的方式來的高。 因此本研究著重於體育方面,並且針對學校的運動代表隊去進行社會投資報酬率 的估算,以期待能夠透過本研究所設定出來的模型,算出學校運動代表隊的社會 投資報酬率,並可供各企業作為是否協助社會在體壇上的發展的參考。
Nowadays companies focus on the implementation of corporate social responsibilities. While implementing social responsibilities, they also hope to be rewarded. Therefore, the current trend of world companies is to use the social return on investment (SROI) to calculate how much society companies can get in implementing corporate social responsibility. In Taiwan, many companies use SROI to calculate their social return on investment. However, according to the annual reports produced by each company every year, it is found that each company has less participation in the sports arena. The reason is that if they want to develop Sports must spend a lot of money, but in terms of effectiveness, it is not necessarily higher than other ways of implementing social responsibilities. Therefore, this research focuses on sports and estimates the social investment return rate for the school sports team. It is expected that the social investment return rate of the school sports team can be calculated through the model set up in this research. Each enterprise serves as a reference for whether to assist the society in the development of sports.
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