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dc.contributorShen, Yung-Chengen_US
dc.contributorRyan, Shuwei-Hsuen_US
dc.contributor.authorHuang, Yan-Rongen_US
dc.description.abstractYouTube作為全球最知名的線上影音平台,幾乎成為了Y世代年輕人日常娛樂與生活的一部份,平台上的創作者,YouTuber更是直接影響了觀眾的收視內容。而對YouTuber來說,如何抓住觀眾、增加曝光是他們極為重視的議題,因此越來越多瞄準社會規範邊緣或具爭議的題材相繼出現,雖然製造了話題性,但也引發了大眾兩極的評價及輿論的撻伐。因此我們以社群媒體上的錯置,來稱呼那些不適宜出現在YouTube這樣一個公眾媒體平台上的影片。 在目前的媒體環境中,觀眾對於錯置影片雖多持有負評,但我們卻發現此類影片在觀看次數與話題熱度上卻往往較其他影片高出許多,可見錯置帶給觀眾的感受不全然為負面,而是存在著正面及負面兩種不同感受的複雜關係,然而目前並無相關文獻探討此類情形,故本研究首將錯置概念應用於社群媒體領域,解釋YouTuber高流量高負評的現象,並透過結構方程式分析錯置影片對觀眾的實際影響力。 基於社會認同理論的觀點下,研究結果顯示,觀眾在面對YouTuber錯置影片時,會反對其違反社會規範的內容,並在考量到社會大眾的觀感下,產生負向認同的認知並避免做出分享、正向留言以及訂閱頻道等表達自我偏好的行為 ; 另一方面,YouTuber直率敢言的溝通方式也導致觀眾對於YouTuber本身產生認同感,希望能看到更多YouTuber替自己紓發內心情緒的影片。因此在確認錯置正負面兩種不同的效果下,YouTuber即可暸解自身影片對於觀眾的感受及影響,而對有業配需求廠商來說,也能更加掌握透過YouTuber影片的廣告成效,進而形成雙贏的局面。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractAs the most famous over-the-top platform in the world, YouTube has become a part of young generation’s daily life. Therefore, as the creators of the platform, YouTubers will directly affect the content which audience will see. For YouTuber, how to capture audience’s attention and increase exposure has become an important issue. More and more controversial and social norm violation topics have emerged. Although a lot of topics have been created, it has triggered the rampage and opposition of public opinion. We use anachorism to refer these videos which are not suitable for a public media platform such as YouTube. In the current media environment, although audiences would have negative reviews on anachorism videos, we find that such videos are often much in number of views and topics than other videos, showing that anachorism to the audiences is not all negative feelings. However, there is no relevant literature to explore such situations. Therefore, this study is the first to apply anachorism to social media field explaining the phenomenon of YouTuber high traffic and high negative reviews. We use SEM (Structural equation modeling) to analyze the influence of anachorism on audiences. Based on the social identity theory, the study pointed out that audiences would disagree the norm violation on YouTuber's anachorism videos. Having disidentification to avoid Sharing, commenting and subscribing to the YouTuber’s channel. On the other hand, YouTuber’s straightforward communication has also led audience to identify with YouTubers, hoping to see YouTubers disclosure audience’s inner hidden emotions. So the audience will want to take the initiative to watch more YouTuber videos. For the YouTubers, this paper can help them understand the actual feeling of audiences. For the Vendors to measure and manipulate their marketing strategy to fit YouTubers.en_US
dc.subjectVicarious Release of Emotionen_US
dc.subjectPerceived Norm Violationen_US
dc.subjectSocial Disidentificationen_US
dc.subjectSocial Engagementen_US
dc.title逾越的界線,新媒體時代 YouTuber 內容錯置的影響力zh_TW
dc.titleAcross Beyond Boundaries, the Influence of YouTuber's Anachorism on Social Mediaen_US
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