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Title: 產品環境友善性、產品創意性與專案親社會性對於募資成功的影響
Product Environmental Friendliness, Product Creativity and Project Prosocialty and Crowdfunding Successfulness
Authors: 林舒柔
Lin, Shu-Jou
Jeng, Shih-Chang
Keywords: 群眾募資
environmentally friendly product
eco-friendly product
creativity product
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 群眾募資的出現,提供缺乏資金的新創企業展示產品的舞台,近年來也越來越多研究從影響群眾募資成效的因素延伸至宣稱環境友善性、產品創意性、親社會性的層面,探討這些因素如何提升群眾贊助專案的意願並共同關注環境及社會等議題。本研究以量化的方式蒐集Kickstarter網站上產品設計及服飾類別的資料,探討宣稱環境友善性、產品創意性、親社會性是否有助於群眾募資成功。而本研究透過迴歸實證結果發現,環境友善性並未顯著影響募資結果,但產品的創意性及親社會性將是影響群眾募資成功的可能因素,並運用個案探討以建議未來提案者如何在群眾募資中獲得成功。
As crowdfunding emerged, providing a stage for startups which lack of resources to develop products. In recent years, more and more research has explored fundraising successfulness by addressing the aspect of project environmental friendliness, product creativity, and project prosocialty. This study collects data from the categories of product design and apparel on Kickstarter, the earliest and most prevalent crowdfunding platform. The study finds that product environmental friendliness does not significantly affect the fundraising results, but product creativity and project prosocialty positively affect fundraising successfulness. Discussions and managerial implications are also provided.
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